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Jessica Kabbash

Jessica Kabbash


“SCCC is affordable and it
was easy to get to with the bus. It was kind of a last minute decision, but I
wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Also, a lot of my friends were going here.
I wanted to be close to home and comfortable with the school. I knew I was
stepping into a commitment, a long commitment. 

The campus life is
welcoming. It’s like hitting the restart button. I’ve seen the shyest of people
from high school blossom and reach their full potential at SCCC. There are so
many events and clubs to join. All of these events and clubs have helped me
broaden my horizons. I am doing things here that the me from high school would
never imagine.

I moved on to college to
broaden my horizons. As a Liberal Arts major, I hope to explore other subjects
that I may have never considered. Perhaps I’ll transfer when I feel the time is
right, but after my degree I want to explore and travel to other places and see
where my passions take me.

The staff here has been the
most caring and wonderful people I know. If it weren’t for them, I would not be