Kaitrin Branning

Kaitrin Branning


Kai is a graduate of Sussex County Community College and Rutgers University. She is currently a student at the North Carolina University College of Veterinary Medicine.

"Experience, application, and interrelation are essential to learning. From the student perspective, textbooks are only words and formulas are only variables and constants until one is able to apply what is being taught. Learning in one dimension does not work because it is not how the human brain functions."

"Professor DeHart’s Pulse of Sussex County project is an example of multidimensional learning, in which students are able to see, touch, and use what they have learned as a group. Students formulate and compile questions and then participate in a community outreach. They survey members of the community and are able to apply what they have learned in statistics and produce data. The 'Pulse Project' was a pivotal part of my education in statistics because I had a chance to see what I learned in class come to life, learning how to formulate statistics from a sample population."