Stacy Bockbrader

Stacy Bockbrader


Hometown: Hackettstown

Liberal Arts- Broadcasting Option

Stacy Says:

On attending Sussex County Community College:

“SCCC is an amazing place to get an education- for students right out of high school or returning after many years. There is a sense of “family” here between the students and students to faculty. It’s local, it’s affordable, and you’ll receive a top notch education as well as memories and friendship to last a lifetime.”

On Being the President of the Communications Club:

“Being president of the Communications Club is a big honor for me and a great challenge. I juggle club meetings and projects as well as filming our EDTV20 show “On the Rise.” I’m enjoying working with the TV101 students, watching them learn their craft. I’m also very proud to be able to learn, lead, and help others succeed as well as follow my dreams in broadcasting.”

On balancing life and school:

“Stay organized, it’s very important. Life is crazy and can change in an instant. By keeping my campus life in check, my personal and family life run smoother. It’s not an easy task, but seems to work for me. Not to mention I have a very supportive family. Also, stay social. The more you do here, at SCCC, the more connected you feel to the school, faculty, and students. This helps boost enthusiasm and gives ambition to study hard and succeed. I believe being involved in your campus education and social activities gives a sense of pride in SCCC and yourself.”