Survey of World Culture I & II

Faculty: Joanna Reed, Assistant Professor Humanities

Courses: Survey of World Culture I & II

The interdisciplinary survey courses explore the evolution of western and non-western key ideas in art, music, and literature from prehistoric to 21st century societies. Emphasis is placed on the arts by comparing and contrasting social, economic, religious, historical, philosophical, and political forces in a variety of diverse cultures through the ages. The student’s understanding of the universality of the human experience is emphasized.

Experiential Learning

Students learn through a multitude of educational formats. These formats include visual art through power point presentations, musical compositions in the form of CDs or YouTube clips , film clips in the form of DVDs, and selected literary works from the assigned textbook. The formats enhance the student’s interest through sensory and intellectual pursuits introduced in the course content.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Students are encouraged each semester to attend a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. The museum trip enables students to experience a direct personal connection with “live” art in one of the most renowned museums in the world.

MET Trip