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Wendy Cooney

Wendy Cooney


Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice

Course Description

Wendy’s Criminal Justice courses are designed to foster critical
thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to become a successful
criminal justice professional.  Students achieve an understanding of the
criminal justice system in the United States, through the study of
police, courts and corrections systems, and learn about relevant
elements of the law as needed to make informed decisions in the field. 
In addition, students gain experience working in the criminal justice
field through leadership opportunities and community involvement.

Service Learning Activities

Students who take Wendy’s courses are encouraged to integrate an
understanding of community issues and agencies into their learning, as a
part of a greater departmental emphasis on connecting criminal justice
professionals with their communities.  Part of that encouragement takes
the form of volunteer work; students are given credit in their classes
for a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer service, and may conduct their
volunteer activities in lieu of one of their exams.  Students are also
required to give a five-minute presentation on their experience. 
Volunteer placements include working with agencies students are
associated with through their internships, or have identified on their

Students who have opted for volunteering in Wendy’s courses report
that the experience provided them with a greater appreciation for the
community and its needs.  It also has helped students to develop their
communication skills, and expand their interest in the field of Criminal