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Payments and Refunds

Ways to Make a Payment

  • Pay in Person – with your credit card (AX, MC, VS, DS), debit card, cash or check.
    (The credit card must be in your name when coming into the office to pay).
  • Pay by Mail – Checks only made payable to:
    Sussex County Community College
    One College Hill Road
    Newton, NJ 07860
    Attn: Bursar’s Office

NOTE: The students full name and student ID# should be in the memo section to assure proper credit. Post dated checks will be processed as they are received and not held.
Returned checks will be assessed a $50 NSF Fee.

  • Pay Online in full with a credit card, debit card, e-check or by signing up for our interest-free Payment Plan.
    • Go to and click Payment/Billing; this is the easiest and most convenient way to pay your college tuition. You can also login to your student portal for account information.
    • Sign in using your student ID# (user name) and password.
    • You can also access your account information by logging into your student portal.
  • Summer and Winterim Semester: Tuition payment is due in full the day you register.
  • Spring and Fall Semester:(Payment in full, financial aid complete and in place, or enroll in an interest-free Payment Plan.)
    • Financial aid – if this does not cover your charges completely,  you will need to start a Payment Plan.
  • Late Fees – Payment must be received by payment due date in order to avoid a Late Fee.


  • Refunds for cancelled classes, drops and/or withdraws are issued starting after 10th day.
  • Federal PELL and TAG awards cannot be processed until they are applied to your account. After they are applied, you will receive them within 14 days of posting.
  • Loans are not disbursed or applied to student accounts until 60% of the semester is completed.
  • Grants/Scholarships/Private/Outside Funding and Veteran Benefits will not show on the students account until after the college receives payment.
  • Refunds can either be disbursed via the mail by check or eRefund which is much quicker, easier and you don’t have to wait for a check in the mail. It is deposited directly into whatever bank account you sign up for.

Refund Policy – Withdrawal from Class

Students who withdraw from classes, in which they have been officially registered, offered by SCCC or one of its contracting institutions, shall be eligible for a refund in accordance with the schedule listed below provided the withdrawal procedure has been followed. Students may file a Withdrawal Form (available in the Advising & Counseling Center) at the Registrar’s Office or in writing via their student email to Requests must include student’s name, SCCC ID number, semester, course and the student’s signature.

See academic calendar for actual withdrawal and refund dates

Refund Policy – Medical Appeal

Students who withdraw from all classes due to documented medical circumstances after consecutively missing 20% of the semester prior to withdrawal may qualify for a one-time 50% tuition only credit (fees not included) or a 50% cancellation of tuition only debt (fees not included).  A partial reduction in classes may also be considered if accompanied by appropriate documentation, from a licensed healthcare or mental healthcare professional, citing a specific need to reduce overall course load.  A Medical Appeal may be requested during the semester the illness occurs, but no later than 30 days from the end of the semester.

The decision to award a 50% tuition only credit or 50% tuition only debt cancellation shall be at the sole discretion of Sussex County Community College.

Financial aid students should contact the Financial Aid Office to review the impact on their aid. Please inquire at the Registrar’s Office (B217) for the most updated policy and procedures.

Refund Policy – No Shows

Students who are “No Shows” (defined as not attending class throughout the first ten days of a semester, or equivalent time for a shorter term, as indicated by the faculty on the tenth day or equivalent roster), will be dropped from the class. This drop will be the same as a student-initiated drop and will not appear on the student’s transcript. The student will be notified via email.

A dropped class may affect the enrollment status of a student (i.e. dropping from full-time to part-time). A student who fails to notify the College of non-attendance will be charged a $50 per course Administrative Withdrawal fee.

Reinstatement to a class from which a student has been dropped as a “No Show” will require the student to state in writing and sign that they are attending the course and the faculty member to acknowledge, in writing and to sign (faculty email is sufficient also), that the student is attending the course.

These acknowledgements may be on the same or different pages but must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the date indicated on the “No Show” notification letter from the Registrar.

Electronic Refunds (eRefunds)

Students are encouraged to sign up for eRefund. This process deposits your refund directly into your bank account.
To sign up for eRefunds go to, click ‘Payment/Billing’, then ‘enroll in eRefund’.
You will need your student ID # and password to access

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