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Applying for Financial Aid

Apply now for Financial Aid go to  Families can submit their 2017/2018 FAFSA as early as October 1, 2016.  

NEED HELP with your FAFSA? Click here for our FAFSA Workshop information.

Sussex County Community College encourages all students to apply for all forms of financial aid that may be available. Financial Aid is an umbrella term that covers, grants, scholarships, loans and work study.  The basic premise of financial aid is that the primary responsibility for meeting the cost of attending a post-secondary institution rests with the family. The primary purpose of student financial aid is to provide economic resources to students who have demonstrated financial need and who would otherwise be unable to pursue a post-secondary education.  You can view your financial aid awards as well as documents required to complete your file at My.Sussex.Portal

The information reported by a student when applying for financial aid is used to calculate an Expected Family Contribution, Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is the number that’s used to determine your eligibility for federal student financial aid. This number results from the financial information you provided in your FAFSA application.  Sussex County Community College Financial Aid Office determines a student’s cost of education, considering charges for tuition and fees, estimated costs for supplies, living and traveling expenses, and other miscellaneous education expenses. The student’s demonstrated financial need is the difference between the student’s cost of attendance and Expected Family Contribution.

Please follow this link for an overview of the financial aid process

Will I be eligible?

Most financial aid programs require financial need and are based on family income. However, in addition to need, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be accepted as a degree seeking student in an AA degree or AS career program, or be accepted as a certificate–seeking student in a financial aid eligible vocational training program.
  • Be making satisfactory academic progress (see information regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress).
  • Be a U.S. Citizen, national or eligible non-citizen while receiving Title IV funds.
  • Enroll in courses required for the degree program.
  • Not be in default on a prior student loan.
  • Not have been convicted for sale or possession of illegal drugs while receiving Title IV funds.
  • Not owe a repayment or over payment of a federal grant.
  • Be registered for Selective Service, if required.
  • Effective July 1, 2012, if you are a first-time college student, you must have a final high school transcript or high school
    diploma or GED certificate or meet the requirements to be considered a home-schooled student.

You must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) early enough to allow ample time for processing.  We recommend that continuing/returning students complete the FAFSA prior to registering for Fall 2016 or no later than April 15, 2016.  Failing to do so may result in your having to pre-pay your bill or to enroll in the College payment plan in order to start the semester.   A FAFSA must be submitted every year in order to receive financial assistance.  To assure full State funding, fall semester applicants and all returning NJ students for the 2016/2017 academic year should apply by NJHESAA’s deadline of June 1, 2016. Spring only applicants should apply by the March 1, 2017 deadline.  Beginning with the 2017/2018 academic year, all returning students should apply by NJHESAA’s new deadline of April 15, 2017.

For a helpful step by step tutorial for filling out the 2016-17 FAFSA, visit this handy Web site FAFSASimplification created by the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Here is a great link that will help you understand the IRS Data Retrieval process!

Go to and follow the instructions on the site to file. There is no fee to file the FAFSA at this website.

You will need a FSA ID and Password to log into the FAFSA website. You will be guided through the process to create a FSA ID when you access the FAFSA webpage. Your FSA ID confirms your identity when you access your financial aid information and allows you to electronically sign your FAFSA.

The ID number for Sussex County Community College is 025688 and must be entered in order for the College to receive your information from the Federal Processing Center. Make sure that you and your parent (if required) sign the FAFSA using your FSA User ID and Password. If you do not sign with the FSA ID, your application will be delayed by 10 to 15 days.

State Grant Application

NJ residents will need to complete additional information at the end of the FAFSA. After you  submit your  FAFSA, a “2016-2017 Confirmation Page” will be displayed that includes a link to the New Jersey State application. Please click the word “here” to respond to a few additional questions required to determine your eligibility for New Jersey State  grant  and  scholarship assistance, such as the Tuition Aid Grant and NJ STARS Programs.

Example of Optional State features on the FAFSA

Remember to turn off  your pop up blocker to allow this new web page to open.

Check your mail:
Eligibility for assistance is determined as a result of the information submitted to the Federal Student Aid Processing Center. The Processing Center will calculate an Expected Family Contribution (EFC). You will receive your EFC via e-mail (if you submit an e-mail address) or by regular mail. Allow four days processing time.

If you believe that any items are in need of correction, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Award Notices:
The Financial Aid Office will determine your eligibility status. If you do not qualify for grant assistance you may apply for a William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan. If you are found eligible for grant assistance, you will receive an award letter that details the aid source(s) and total funds available to be applied to your student account. Should awards exceed your direct billed charges, the additional funds may be used to purchase books and educational supplies at the on-campus Barnes and Noble Bookstore. To do this, please sign the required form at the College’s Bursar’s Office.

File Completion Verification

Click Verification for information regarding verification procedures required to complete your file.

Are loans for you?

If you are not eligible for a grant, or require additional funding, consider applying for a William D. Ford Federal Direct Loan. Unlike grants, loans must be paid back. If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact the Financial Aid Office. To apply for a student loan go to and follow these instructions.  Here is a great video about the completion of the Direct Loan MPN.

  1. Sign up using your FAFSA FSA ID and Password.
  2. Click on the link to complete the Entrance Counseling. Here is a link for a tutorial. Required the first time a student takes out a loan at Sussex County Community College.
  3. Click on the link to complete and sign the Master Promissory Note (MPN).  Make sure you choose subsidized/unsubsidized.
  4. * Complete the 2016-2017 Direct Student Loan Request Form available online or in the Financial Aid Office. This tells the Financial Aid Office how much you need to borrow. Please note that we cannot disburse loans until you have completed this information.

*A student must complete the SCCC Direct Student Loan Request Form each time she or he applies for a loan.

You can review your loan history at any time by going to NSLDS. For more information on your student loan visit

General Student Loan Information
Please visit this site DirectLoanInformation for more information such as interest rates and calculators, repayment of loans, deferment and forbearance, cancellation and consolidation.

When you Leave Sussex
Students who borrow loans and leave Sussex because of graduation, transfer or withdrawal must complete Student Loan Exit Counseling at  NSLDS.

The FSA Ombudsman works with federal student loan borrowers to resolve loan disputes or problems from an impartial, independent viewpoint.  If you have a problem with a federal student loan that you have not been able to resolve through the normal process, contact the FSA Ombudsman at 877-557-2575 or .

Electronic Refunds
To find out more information and sign up for E-Refunds please visit the Bursar’s Office.

Remember, you can view your financial aid awards as well as documents required to complete your file at My.Sussex.Portal.