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Financial literacy

Whether you are newly out of high school, re-entering college after a number of years, or starting college later in life, financial literacy is always new – always needed!  These sites below will help you become more financially literate.  From check books to auto loans, student loans to mortgages, each site offers a wealth of knowledge.

Happy learning!

Here is information regarding Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Education Department Launches New Online Debt Management Tool for Students
The U.S. Department of Education (ED) just released a new to help students manage their debt and keep financial aid professionals in the loop.

The Financial Awareness Counseling Tool aims to provide students with basic financial management information, such as their current loan debt and estimates of debt levels when interest accrues after graduation.  College financial aid professionals can monitor a student’s progress in using the tool and provide assistance if necessary.

The tool provides students with five interactive tutorials on topics including managing a budget and avoiding default. Students can also access their individual loan history and receive personalized feedback. 

The new tool is part of the Obama Administration’s initiative to promote financial literacy and consumer disclosure for students and families.

Here is a quick guide for consumers on credit, debit and prepaid cards.