A Message from the VP of Student Affairs

It is my pleasure to welcome you to SCCC! A college experience goes far beyond what is learned in the classroom; it includes meeting new people, enriching your mind and spirit with diversity, challenges and new adventures, and ultimately, changing the way you view yourself and your life. SCCC is committed to your success, both academically and personally, and provides the access and assistance you may need to reach your goals. I hope you will take advantage of what we offer!

The Student Handbook has been prepared to help you navigate the many activities, services and policies at Sussex County Community College. It is full of key information to enhance your academic journey. Our activities provide opportunities for greater involvement and service to the college and community, leadership roles, intercollegiate athletic competition, literary and artistic interests, and multicultural participation. The Student Government Association (SGA), Phi Theta Kappa (PTK Honor Society) and the many clubs invite you to the welcome picnic on September 25 to learn more about what they do. Please come and join in the fun!

Familiarize yourself with the policies in the Handbook. Awareness of key dates and guidelines will empower you to be responsible for your education and will ensure that your experience at SCCC progresses smoothly.

Our services are exceptional and our staff is knowledgeable and friendly. We offer one-on-one advisement, careering, transfer advice, personal counseling, financial aid assistance, scholarship information and specialized services for veterans, returning adults, students with disabilities, international students and non-native English language learners. There are numerous workshops, seminars and meetings throughout the year. Stop by any of the offices to ask a question; we are here to help!

So get involved and make the most of your SCCC experience. Be part of The Degree Advantage and complete your degree at SCCC and seamlessly move into a career or 4-year transfer college!

Please feel free to drop in my office, D110, at any time. Best wishes for a successful year!


Debbie McFadden, M.A., LPC
Vice President of Student Affairs