Select from a variety of workshops during the 2019 Ladies Saturday Retreat.  We are pleased to announce that the new extended time for workshops is 75 minutes.  Early registration will be open to ticket holders in March.  Stay tuned for instructions on how to make your reservations on a first-come-first-serve basis.  

A very special thank you to our generous and passionate workshop presenters for LSR 2019!

For a copy of the complete schedule CLICK HERE


Explore + Develop Intuition
Presented by Rosemary DeTrolio - Reiki Master Teacher
Hands of Light by Rosemary LLC
Clearing Exercise:
- Identification and benefits of intuition
- Honing skill with a mind-body exercise
- Discover how to use your intuitive pathway
- Decipher how you use the insight/ and it's pathway
- What are the "clairs" of psychic awareness?
- Practice

Pairing Chakras, Crystals & Essential Oils
Presented by Irene O'Connor & Diane Sperlazzi
In this workshop we will explain the paring and relationship between our chakras, crystals and essential oils, and how to use for self-wellness.

CLOSED ~ Creating a Stress Free Lifestyle ~ CLOSED
Presented by Dr. Eric Loewrigkeit
Sparta Chiropractic & Wellness
Participants will learn the importance of gratitude, journaling, breathing exercise, being deliberate about what they put into their heads, affirmations and meditation.  Entertaining and informative, this workshop is sure to please even the most skeptical crowd.

Women & Money 101, A Financial Education
Presented by Suzanne Troiano
Primerica Financial Services
Ladies, are you intimidated by your finances?  Join me at the Women & Money 101 seminar and become EMPOWERED!

Your host, Suzanne Troiano, has been a Regional Vice President with Primerica Financial Services for over 21 years. She helps clients in the tri-state area. Suzanne has been teaching women how to make and save money, how to reduce debt, how understand college and retirement plans, and how to simplify and understand the complexities of life insurance.

Suzanne has presented her “Women & Finance 101” throughout New Jersey for church groups, Mom’s Clubs, Women’s Groups, Senior Citizens Groups, Day Cares, as well as for the Douglass College/Rutgers University Staff.

Let Suzanne help empower you to handle your finances with confidence! A small giveaway goes to the ladies in attendance!

The Power of Pilates
Presented by Kerri Leto
K&P Holistic Health & Fitness
Pilates, like yoga, develops strength and flexibility while establishing the mind-body-spirit connection.  Learn the basics in this Pilates workshop! Exercises are focused on the core (the powerhouse).
* Participants should wear comfortable clothes and bring their own yoga mats.  For more information on Pilates, please visit our website:  

DanceFit 101
Presented by Felicia Pauling
DanceFit with Felicia
DanceFit is a playful, dance based, cardio workout. ALL fitness and dance levels are encouraged to join the fun! In this workshop we will break down the basics before letting loose into a full routine to today’s hottest music. 
*Remember to bring your sneakers, some water & to invite your inner dance diva to come out and play!

Mindfulness & Meditation - Start Your Day with Peace
Presented by Debra M. Hollinrake
The Tree of Health Center
Learn the basics of mindfulness, and how to incorporate them into daily sitting meditation and everyday life. Learn a simple breathing exercise to do with the whole family that will unite you in your reduction of stress and improvement of your focus and concentration, as you and your family share a path to peace.  These teachings are based on current science and the wisdom of Gautama the Buddha from over 2500 years ago.


CLOSED ~ Connecting with the Angelic Realm ~ CLOSED
Presented by Rosemary DeTrolio - Reiki Master Teacher
Hands of Light by Rosemary LLC
Clearing & Grounding Exercise:
- Angels around us/identify signs they send
- Higher self awareness angelic guidance vs psychic
- What is vibration and how to raise yours
- Learn a heart link connection
- Practice to use your heart link and communicate with angels

CLOSED ~ Sparkle & Shine Wine Glass Painting ~CLOSED
Presented by Lauren Cernek 
Glass Sip & Paint
Glass sip and paint evolved through a simple conversation with friends over one year ago. As I have always enjoyed many different areas in the art & craft world I found myself experimenting with painting on glass. It’s much different then painting on the traditional canvas as we know. The clear, crystal canvas gave me a flowing feeling of freedom and expression. It’s extremely relaxing and a wonderful experience to share with friends. It's all about the experience! During our workshop we paint a tall, full goblet wine glass. Since spring is here I decided we shall paint the beautiful, eclectic Sunflower! You will be guided through the entire creative process from beginning to end.

From Fearless Grieving to Fearless Living
Presented by Claire M. Schwartz, BA, Certified Professional Coach, Spiritual Counselor & Grief Relief Expert
Miriam's Well Healing LLC
We all have losses and Major Life Changes in our journey. How do we get back up and find peace, from the initial shock to the bewildering aftermath? Why is so hard and how can we learn a better way?

It’s hard because:
- Everything our culture teaches us about Grief & Loss is a Lie
- We are taught that we are helpless and that recovery is impossible
- We are told we are wimps if we don’t “get over it”

Come learn a wiser path – how to Weave the Loss into the Landscape of Your Life™.

  • Learn what healing from Grief really looks like
  • Find your voice and your truth to heal
  • Learn how to rebuild and move your life forward again.

We cannot change what has happened – but we are not stuck with the sorrow, the confusion or the pain. Start your journey to wholeness with this enlightening workshop. You are never alone….Copies of Claire's book Putting Out the Fire; Nurturing Mind, Body & Spirit in the First Week of Loss and Beyond will be available for purchase and personal signing.

Preserve and Share Your Personal Story & History
Presented by Dr. Nancy R. Gallo
Professor & Legal Studies Program Coordinator, S.C.C.C.

Director & Founder of the Senior Life Center at S.C.C.C.
Exploring our personal histories reminds us of who we are. Sharing our personal histories can introduce us to future generations. We become real people to our descendants when we share our life's experiences and family traditions. However, for some of us, sitting down and finishing a comprehensive personal history can be quite difficult. It seems like we’re all very good at beginning things, but it’s the finishing that makes the difference! During this workshop you’ll learn tested tips to help you write, finish and be proud to share your personal story and history!   

Prior to graduating from law school, Nancy was a newspaper features editor and award-winning reporter. She received a National Endowment for the Humanities funded grant for the study, “Paul Robeson, 20th Century Humanist and Lawyer.”    

Nancy is the author of the textbooks, “Introduction to Family Law” published as part of the West Legal Studies Series, and “Elder Law” published by Delmar/Thompson Publishing. She has presented locally and nationally on varied topics.    

Additionally, Nancy was the writer and producer of "Legal Briefs," a radio show. She has a primary research interest in elder law and the issues of aging in the 21st century. Nancy lives in a restored 160 year old farmhouse on a family farm with her husband, children and two completely bonded Dachshunds named Branson & Stewie.

"Beneficial Beauty"
Presented by Tracy Wish
Professional Make Up Artist Tracy Wish opens the book on cosmetics and skin care techniques & tricks.  An informative, interactive worskhop to help assist you in putting your best face forward.

Women's Self-Defense
Presented by Master Dave Fritsch
Iron Temple of Martial Arts
Empowering Women through Self Defense teaches effective and practical self-defense techniques.  Learn from some of the State’s best in tactical self-defense.  Learn how to avoid, react and defend yourself and your loved ones in worst case, real life scenarios.

Not Just Yoga
Presented by Linda Tironi
Soul II Soul Health & Wellness
Not Just Yoga is a combination of personal training and yoga. It is a great way to connect the physical strength of your body with the emotional strength of your mind and Spirit. Students will receive a customized and personalized session with focus on your breath, the back of your body, legs, abs, stretching and more. Along with connecting to yourself through breath and stillness, you will also be learning proper form, how to relax and go within to allow yourself to fully experience the benefits of Not Just Yoga. This class will allow you to heal your body, mind and Spirit.  
* Dress comfortably and bring your own yoga mat!


Get Your Plate in Shape and Your Body!
Presented by Charlene Beebe & Lisa Bevacqua
Sparta Athletic Club
Please join Personal trainers Charlene Beebe and Lisa Bevacqua from Sparta Athletic Club for an informative session about the latest in Nutrition with easy to understand ways of maintaining a Healthy Balanced Lifestyle.  Be ready to learn some new body weight exercises that are simple and an effective way to improve balance, flexibility and strength without machinery or equipment!
* Wear comfortable clothing!

Your Wise Magical Voice
Presented by Ruth Ratliff
Join Voice Professional Ruth Ratliff and she combines storytelling weaved with science, backed up by inspiring and dramatic audio-visuals to convey the potential of the voice for empowerment, healing and spiritual connection.  These compelling examples set the stage for a new way of holding the voice, as an amazing tool for effective, heart-centered expression, communication and spiritual awakening.  Author, Voice Coach, Certified in Sound Healing, Vocal Toning and Reiki.

“Creating Your Painted Picture"– Reaching Business and Personal Goals Through Visualization
Presented by Lauren Fraser
Writer and Founder of the Women’s Entrepreneurial Network (Team WEN)
A workshop for women looking to do more. Whether you are an at home mom, trying to start or build an at home business, or a woman trying to start over in a new field or even someone looking to make personal changes, this workshop will provide you the formula for success. Join attorney, writer and Founder of the Women’s Entrepreneurial Network (Team WEN), Lauren Fraser as she takes us step by step through the process of making dreams into plans and reality.”

Improving Relationships with Effective Communication
Presented by Dr. M. Helena Takacs, DC
Takacs Wellness Center
Being able to communicate your ideas and get people to respond in a positive manner to your ideas is a vital ability. Problems occur when there is misunderstanding and a lack of good communication in relationships whether they be personal or professional. Did you know that there is an exact formula for Communication? Dr. Takacs outlines, with precision, exactly what this little known formula is and how you can use it to improve your relationships. This seminar teaches you the Communication Formula and how to start, continue and change communications at will. You will learn what the barriers to communication are and how to overcome those barriers. Further, she will discuss the power of intention and its role in effective communication.

CLOSED ~ Touchstone Crystal “BLINGO”  ~ CLOSED
Presented by Julie Bush
Touchstone Crystal
Come and join in on a “Sparkling” game of Bingo “Blingo” with Touchstone Crystal Jewelry.  Learn about this ground floor Home Party Jewelry Division of Swarovski Crystal…and you just may go home with some sparkly prizes!

Painting on Ceramic Tiles
Presented by Jane Brennan
Brennan Studios
We will paint on ceramic tiles with alcohol based inks. You can try painting as abstract or as detailed as you choose. Come with a plan or "just go with the flow". Weather permitting, we will take our finished tiles outside to spray and seal or I will give you the information to finish if we can't.

Better Photography with Paul Michael Kane
Presented by Paul Michael Kane
Paul Michael Kane Photography
Get the most out of your camera and start taking better pictures today with photographer, Paul Michael Kane. Kane will show you some simple tips and tricks to taking better images without breaking the budget on new photography gear.  For Kane, photography is all about vision and less about gear. His passion for creating compelling images will inspire you to re-examine your own vision and you'll begin seeing the world in a whole new way!

Love You, Love your Heart
Presented by Lenore J. Blank, MSN, NP-C, CHFN
Newton Medical Center


CLOSED ~ Lighten Up! ~ CLOSED
Presented by Lauren Cardinale, CMS – CHt, FIBH, CPC
Lauren Cardinale, Board Certified Hypnotherapist
Join Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Results Coach, Lauren Cardinale, for the opportunity to get back to you – the real you! Using hypnosis, Lauren will guide you on a journey on which you will peel back the layers of time and life experiences that could be weighing you down, during a fun, illuminating and powerful experience! You’ll feel more authentic, centered and grounded – better than you’ve felt in a long time.  You may event surprise yourself!  Let’s have fun together, and lighten up your life!

Natures Medicine Cabinet ~ A Powerful and Natural Solution To Well-being
Presented by Sharon Kulawiak & Sharyn Whaley
Drops of Hope Essential Oils
Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures for medicinal and health purposes. Because of their antidepressant, stimulating, detoxifying, antibacterial, antiviral and calming properties, essential oils are recently gaining popularity as a natural, safe and cost-effective therapy for a number of health concerns. Come join us for this educational workshop and learn how to use essential oils to keep your family healthy. Whether you need digestive support, respiratory support, sleep support, help with pain management, or emotional, mental or physical support - there is an oil for you.

We'll cover: 

  • how essential oils support your emotional well-being - reduce stress, anxiety, help with better sleep, happiness, energy. 
  • the core "home pharmacy" oils for everyday physical + emotional balancing
  • the 6 categories of oils and the basics of how to blend them (for healing purposes + for a nice fragrance)

The second half of the workshop will be a hands-on experience as we guide you through how to make an essential oil roll on bottle that you can take home start using right away.  This workshop will leave you in awe of nature's fragrant and potent healing powers!

Managing Energy Vampires for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People
Presented by Debbie Carcuffe, Spiritual Counselor & Strategic Intervention Life Coach

Portal of Healing
Highly sensitive empaths tend to attract the harsh energy of Narcissists and energy vampires.  If you are sensitive, your energy levels will be negatively affected and drained by these personality types leaving you feeling mentally and physically exhausted.  Learn how to identify the various types of energy vampires, discover how to shield yourself so you stay energized and not feel continually drained, know when and how to set healthy boundaries, and empower yourself by restoring physical and emotional wellness.

Rightsize & Relax!
Presented by Sara Megletti
PB&J Homestyle
Disorganization causes stress more than we might realize.  Learn how to reorganize, redesign and rightsize your life for your next chapter.  I'll show you strategies for de-cluttering and discarding possessions as well as putting order in your health and wealth.  Get great tips and local resources for making the changes you need to make -- local professionals and organizations -- free and low-cost solutions.  I want you to be happier, healthier, and relaxed in you next chapter be it a full-out downsize, a mid-life rightsize, or a tiny tweak for changing your footprint in a big way.

Painting on Ceramic Tiles
Presented by Jane Brennan
Brennan Studios
We will paint on ceramic tiles with alcohol based inks. You can try painting as abstract or as detailed as you choose. Come with a plan or "just go with the flow". Weather permitting, we will take our finished tiles outside to spray and seal or I will give you the information to finish if we can't.

Acrylic Painting
Presented by Beckie Sajban
Painted Grape
Participants will paint an image on canvas with acrylic paint. No prior art skills or talent needed.

The Basis of Fermenting Food
Presented by Robert Whitescarver
Get Juiced
Get Juiced will once again be bringing a hands on fermentation demonstration to the 2019 Ladies' Saturday Retreat.  By fermenting vegetables we are able to preserve and improve their health benefits and flavor. In this workshop Bob will discuss equipment needed and the fundamental steps of the process.  You will also learn the basic science behind fermentation and how it can be applied to most any vegetable. Fermented vegetables are a great addition to everyone’s menu and health regiment. Everyone attending will  make and take home their very own vegetable ferment!

PiYo Live
Presented by Peggy Pak
Sussex County YMCA
PiYo is a hybrid, fat burning, low impact total body athletic workout.  It combines the principles of strength and flexibility training, conditioning, and dynamic movement, with the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of yoga and Pilates.  No experience necessary.  
*Please dress comfortably for movement (e.g. leggings or loose pants, tops that stay in place when bending over) and bring your yoga mat if you have one.