Assistant Softball Coach

Location: SCCC - Newton, NJ

Date Posted: 01/03/2020

Schedule: Part-Time

Type: Sussex Staff

Company: Sussex County Community College

Job Description

Sussex County Community College is currently looking for a PT Assistant Softball Coach for its upcoming spring season.  The Assistant Coach is responsible for aiding the Head Coach with preparing and training the team for strong competition throughout the season.  The Assistant Coach should have a strong knowledge of softball and strong motivational and teamwork skills.



  1. Assist Head Coach in conducting practice, including running drills, teaching techniques and instructing in a manner consistent with the Head Coach's philosophies.
  2. Aid Head Coach in evaluating both individual and team talents in regard to recruiting and opposing teams/players.
  3. Collaborate with the Head Coach with in-game information, such as strategy, statistics and game management.
  4. Must be able to act as liaison between Head Coach and players.
  5. Transport student athletes to and from games and/or practices if needed.
  6. Be prepared to conduct the duties of the Head Coach in his/her absence.


Preferred Skills:

  • A solid background and a knowledge of the rules associated with softball.
  • A willingness to accept new ideas and philosophies.
  • Excellent communication skills and able to relate to students.
  • Previous playing/coaching of softball.
  • Valid Driver's License required.


Contact Person:

Human Resources


To Apply:

Please send cover letter and resume to   Sussex County Community College is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Effective September 1, 2011, the NJ First Act requires that certain classifications of persons employed by a public higher education institution will have 365 days within which to establish a principle residence in NJ.  Failure to comply will render the individual unqualified to continue to hold the position.  Individuals may seek exemption from the residency exemption committee base on critical need or hardship.