IT Specialist

Location: SCCC - Newton, NJ

Date Posted: 05/18/2021

Schedule: Full-Time

Type: Sussex Staff

Company: Sussex County Community College

Job Description

Sussex County Community College is seeking a Network Specialist to support network configuration, switch and router configuration, maintenance, fiber-related configurations, VLAN configuration and troubleshooting; maintains and supports, network-based projects. Reporting to the Director of lnformation Technology, the Network Specialist maintains the infrastructure and backbone of the college, ensuring that all devices are working as intended and are secured, in partnership with IT consultants.


Job Description

  1. Intentionally focuses on leading and developing a culture of "caring regard" at the college.
  2. Maintains all network hardware and software.
  3. Maintenance and support of wired/wireless infrastructure and network equipment including switches, routers, firewalls, fiber and copper communications connectivity and wireless access points.
  4. Maintains and supports the network adjusting and troubleshooting network issues as needed.
  5. Maintains effectiveness of network security and security solutions, including anti-virus, firewalls, spam, web filters and IDS. 
  6. Proper operation, preventative maintenance and upgrades to networking systems and devices, including operating system and firmware updates.
  7. Maintain installation, operation and troubleshooting documentation for all network systems including maps of all network infrastructure.
  8. Maintain proper backup and recovery procedures and documentation for all network-related and file storage systems.
  9. Work with ISP's to ensure campus connectivity to the Internet.
  10. Maintain and configure network servers, both physical and virtual, including VMware and View VDI environments.
  11. Ensure UPS and HVAC systems are operating effectively in all areas where networking equipment is located, including data centers and network closets.
  12. Aid in design and implementation of short and long term strategic plans to make certain network capacity meets existing and future requirements.
  13. Performs other duties as assigned.


  1. A deep concern for others and the contributions they make to an organization.
  2. An openness to new ideas.
  3. A deep appreciation, understanding, tolerance, and commitment to free speech in a academic organization.
  4. Possess the skills, abilities and dispositions that cultivate community.
  5. An openness to different ideas from subordinates and superiors.
  6. A commitment to the mission and goals of both the college and of higher education in general.
  7. Understanding of technical troubleshooting methodology.
  8. The ability to install, configure and troubleshoot network devices such as routers, switches, wireless devices, firewalls. spam, web filters, etc.
  9. Hands-on experience troubleshooting hardware including servers, routers, bridges, switches, hubs, modems, and fiber data connections.
  10. Strong interpersonal, written and oral communication skills.
  11.  Highly self-motivated and directed.


Starting salary:  32,000



  • Associates degree in Computer Science, Information Technologies or related field, or an equivalent combination of experience, education, and training.
  • Currently possess or willing to obtain within I year, MCSA 2012 and current Server and Exchange Server certifications and training thereafter(VMware, VDI, Cisco, Juniper, etc.) as agreed to be needed, with the College reimbursing the training expenses.

Contact Person:

Human Resources

To Apply:

Please submit cover letter and resume to  Sussex County Community College is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Effective September 1, 2011, the NJ First Act requires that certain classifications of persons employed by a public higher education institution will have 365 days within which to establish a principle residence in NJ. Failure to comply will render the individual unqualified to continue to hold the position. Individuals may seek exemption from the residency exemption committee based on critical need or hardship.