P/T Building Services Tradesperson

Location: SCCC - Newton NJ

Date Posted: 09/10/2019

Schedule: Part-Time

Type: Sussex Staff

Company: Sussex County Community College

Job Description

The Part-Time Building Services Tradesperson is responsible providing building, electrical and mechanical repairs and enhancements that support an efficient and safe educational environment. The Building Services Tradesperson performs electrical and mechanical repairs, as well as minor plumbing and some building/carpentry tasks.


Main Duties:

  1. Intentionally focusing on fostering a culture of “caring regard” at the college.
  2. Standard electrical maintenance of assigned buildings and grounds facilities.
  3. Basic maintenance of heating, air-conditioning and (preferably) refrigeration systems consisting of many electrical components, including motors, compressors, pumps, fans and switches.
  4. Replacement of items such as circuit breakers, fuses, switches, electrical and electric components or wires, clocks, intercoms, fire and intrusion alarms.
  5. Troubleshoot electrical wiring and control units for proper operation.
  6. Service and adjust thermostats, check controls to diagnose problems, adjust or replace parts.
  7. Basic service of electrical components of central air conditioning systems and refrigeration equipment.
  8. Basic maintenance for proper operation of electrical power source.
  9. Basic maintenance of refrigerant pressures, electrical circuits, burners and other components.
  10. Basic maintenance of and repair of light and power wiring installation, sound, telephone and clock circuiting, stage lighting repair and servicing.
  11. Being current and aware of that which conforms to all laws, regulations and codes.
  12. Performs all other duties as may be assigned by the Director of Facilities and Campus Operations, including minor plumbing and building/carpentry tasks.




Qualifications, skills, and dispositions

  1. Associate or Vocational Degree or equivalent.
  2. Must hold and maintain a valid New Jersey Electrical Contractor’s License.
  3. Three to five years’ experience in electrical mechanical and/or building trade.
  4. Multi-skilled in the operation and use of building equipment and tools.
  5. Ability to follow blueprints or other specifications for electrical and mechanical systems.
  6. Ability to be able to follow specifications and manufacturers’ instructions to install motors, compressors, condensing units and other components.
  7. Ability to use a variety of tools, including hammers, wrenches, metal snips, power drills, pipe cutters and benders, acetylene torches, voltmeters, thermometers, pressure gauges, manometers and other testing devices.
  8. A good sense of humor.
  9. A deep concern for others and the contributions they make to an organization.
  10. Demonstrated ability to work and operate with a high level of efficiency, often under situations of pressure and stress.


Contact Person

Human Resources


To Apply

Please submit your cover letter and resume to HRresume@sussex.edu. Sussex County Community College is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Effective September 1, 2011, the NJ First Act requires that certain classifications of persons employed by a public higher education institution will have 365 days within which to establish a principle residence in NJ. Failure to comply will render the individual unqualified to continue to hold the position. Individuals may seek exemption from the residency exemption committee based on critical need or hardship.