Tenure Track - Program Coordinator/Assistant Professor: Visual and Performing Arts

Location: SCCC - Newton, NJ

Date Posted: 04/27/2021

Schedule: Full-Time

Type: Sussex Faculty

Company: Sussex County Community College

Job Description

Sussex County Community College is currently looking for a Program Coordinator/Assistant Professor of Visual and Performing Arts.  This full-time tenure track position collaborates with both the Dean of Arts and Humanities and the Department members. This faculty member must have a strong demonstrated background in fine art and graphic design or 3D Computer Arts to successfully teach in these areas and oversee the lab spaces to make recommendations and complete record keeping, inventory, maintenance requests, and installation of software packages and hardware related to art, graphic design, 3D Computer Arts and Photography.


Job Description

  • Support the mission of the college and the department.
  • Is a recognized and credentialed content expert in the field of fine art and graphic design, with sufficient experience and knowledge to teach in these areas and to provide leadership in all of the arts.
  • Possess a deep concern for others and the contributions they make to an organization intentionally focusing on leading and developing a culture of “caring regard” at the college. Possess the skills, abilities and disposition that cultivates community.
  • A deep appreciation, understanding, tolerance, and commitment to free speech and diversity in an academic organization.
  • Ability to exercise good judgment concerning College policies and procedures.
  • Proven record of scholarship/creative activity, teaching, service activities and achievements, and a desire to continue this record of achievement.
  • Ability and temperament to provide review and intervention for student matters, including but not limited to, grade appeals and classroom management issues, which may emerge when assisting adjunct faculty members navigating issues with their own students.
  • Complete credentialing requirements for adjunct faculty in their area of oversight
  • Demonstrated excellence in fine art and graphic design or 3D Computer Arts and the arts in general through gallery openings and/or portfolio.
  • Possess expert knowledge in the operation of art and design computer programs and industry standard hardware and software. A desire and aptitude to remain current in the latest evolutions in the industry/industries.
  • Ability and desire to teach art history, fine art, graphic design and “the arts” in general.
  • Create a dynamic teaching and learning environment for the students that embraces innovation and scholarly reflection.
  • Teach a variety of classes including day, evening and online/hybrid/remote classes.
  • Ability and commitment to work with a broad spectrum of students found in a community college environment with emphasis on student mentorship and retention.
  • Contribute to departmental budget development and assists the Dean in implementation.
  • Contribute to Department operations and department-expansion. Collaborate within the department as well as with cross-departmental initiatives.
  • Ability and willingness to work with Administration on academic and accreditation matters.
  • Contribute to Departmental budget development and assists the Dean in implementation.
  • Participate in curriculum development.
  • Participate in the assessment of programs/certificates in the arts
  • Collaborate with faculty in the selection and ordering of all Department textbooks.
  • Capability of oversight of the SCCC Galleries and working directly with the Gallery Coordinator.
  • Provide support and oversight to the Art and Design Clubs and student organizations on campus.
  • Per contractual guidelines, serve on college committees including the college governance process.
  • Providing strong leadership and taking meaningful steps in recruiting new students into the visual and performing arts areas.
  • Understanding that the college possesses managerial prerogative in the development of the teaching schedule and in determining the overall scheduling needs of the College.
  • Passion for professional development of self and others
  • Proficient at networking with community partners.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • MFA in Visual Art or related field.
  • 2 years of experience in academic instruction in a post-secondary environment.
  • Demonstrated experience as a fine artist and graphic designer or 3D Computer Artist professional and leader.

Essential Skills:

  • Ability to teach, develop, support and implement the Visual Arts curricula.
  • Capability to develop curriculum, class assessments and assessments.
  • Service to the college and building community relationships.
  • Actively work with students for advisement and retention.
  • Capability for strong leadership.
  • Demonstrated experience as a professional graphic design artist.
  • Professional level knowledge of industry standard software and hardware for art and graphic design.


  • Ability to communicate with supervisors/students/colleagues, including demonstration of effective oral, written and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and the use of technology.
  • Ability and willingness to use an online learning management system.
  • Outstanding organizational skills.

Contact Person:

Human Resources

To Apply:

Please send cover letter and resume to HRresume@sussex.edu.   Sussex County Community College is an Equal Opportunity Employer.