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Tuition-Free College Offered

7/23/2023 10:29:29 AM

Getting an affordable college education is within reach in Sussex County. Thanks to the increasingly popular Community College Educational Opportunity Fund Grant (CCOG), more students than ever are now eligible to take advantage of the program.

“The CCOG Program offers a viable option for those who otherwise may not be able to start their pursuit of higher education," said Dr. Cory Homer, Vice President of Student Success. "Regardless of age or one's background, this program opens doors for many students.” 

Community College Opportunity Grants make community colleges affordable for New Jerseyans. CCOG awards pay for the cost of tuition and approved educational fees for New Jersey residents with an annual adjusted gross income (AGI) between $0 and $65,000. New Jersey residents with AGI’s between $65,001 and $80,000 pay reduced tuition costs after up to 50% of the maximum CCOG award available at their community college is applied. The CCOG covers the cost of tuition and fees that are not already covered by federal and state financial aid or scholarships.

What’s important is that students should not have to go into debt to receive a quality education, and Sussex is proud that around 72% percent of its students graduate debt-free.

This program is open to high school graduates as well anyone without a prior associate’s degree who are looking to change careers or gain a diploma to advance in their current field.

What students need to qualify:

Notably, those who continue on to a four-year New Jersey public institution will be eligible for the Garden State Guarantee Program.

For more details about the CCOG program, visit https://www.hesaa.org/pages/ccog.aspx

To find out if you or someone you know is eligible for the CCOG program or other financial aid opportunities at Sussex County Community College, email the financial aid office at finaid@sussex.edu.  

Registration for the fall semester is going on now, new students can visit  sussex.edu/apply to get started.