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Sussex keeps college students on track with their educational goals.

12/12/2020 3:37:11 PM

The choice for college students this year is difficult: pay traditionally high tuition for a nontraditional experience or take the year off and fall behind on credits. But what if there was a better option?

Sussex County Community College is an affordable alternative for earning credits this year. Easy to transfer, safe and reliable, online learning with Sussex will provide the same experience and education as a four-year university but for a fraction of the cost.

At Sussex, credits are only $140 per credit for in-county residents or $210 per credit for out-of-county, in-state students. Low-cost options are also available for neighboring counties in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Compare this to traditional four-year schools. In New Jersey, two prominent state schools cost $383 and $448 per credit, respectively, during the 2019-20 school year. If attending a private or out-of-state school, costs per credit can be well upwards of $1,000.

With tuition costs such as those above, it’s easy to see why about one in five current college students has either decided not to attend their college this Fall or is unsure of their plans, according to one recent national survey.

“The college experience has been anything but what students imagined it would be since the start of the public health crisis,” said Jon Connolly, President of Sussex. “The cost of traditional four-year higher education has already been in the spotlight for years and with our lives upturned and budgets tight, this is a perfect time for students to make a sound long-term choice that will keep them from adding more to their debt.”

While under “normal” circumstances, students might decide to take a gap year – a break in study to volunteer, travel, gain experience, and/or reassess educational goals – the global pandemic has vastly restricted global travel. Not to mention traveling or volunteering abroad can cost in the thousands.

By studying at Sussex this year, students can save precious money from their federal loans – and maybe even set aside the difference for future travel.

To see the course catalog and learn more about how local credits can transfer to your education and save you money in the long-run.