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Sussex Provides a Housing Option to Students

3/2/2022 3:23:53 PM
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In the fall 2021 semester, Sussex County Community College began offering residential opportunities to SCCC students at Centenary University.

What started as a pilot program in which Sussex County Community College students lived on the Centenary University campus has become a huge success for both colleges. 

Last year, over 70 students took advantage of the housing opportunities at Centenary, and the interest continues to grow. There are only a handful of community colleges that offer housing options.

Sussex is unique in that it attracts numerous athletes from outside the region and, in many cases, outside the country. The housing program started as a way to give these athletes an affordable opportunity to live near the Sussex campus in Newton. But the program is expanding and students that are looking for that 4-year college experience are taking advantage of the housing option. Sussex is a half-hour ride to Centenary, which is located in Hackettstown. Sussex provides a twice-daily shuttle to and from Centenary.

What is also unique about this arrangement is that Sussex students living on the Centenary campus can also partake in Centenary on-campus activities such as the use of Centenary's gym, library, and social programming.  They can also sign up for a meal plan, as well as student insurance. 

"Initially, there was a need for Sussex to recruit students from out of the county for the new football program," said Vice President of Student Success, Dr. Cory Homer. "With a need to recruit students for academic programs and athletics, the interest is now greater than ever." 

Sussex has been attracting athletes for its soccer teams from outside the region for several years. Its football team, the only community college program in the state, has grown tremendously with athletes signing up from all over New Jersey - and beyond.   

Students participating in the program can enjoy an on-campus experience of a 4-year college and dorm life.

"The students have the best of both worlds by earning an associate degree at a fraction of the cost of a 4-year college," said Dr. Homer.

For more information about the housing option at Sussex, visit

Pictured left to right: Centenary President Dr. Bruce Murphy and SCCC President Dr. Jon Connolly sign the Centenary University housing agreement. Alongside each president stands their College mascot the Cyclone and the Skylander.