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NACCE signing encourages entrepreneurship

4/22/2019 10:53:29 AM

The National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) signed the Presidents for Entrepreneurship Pledge last week with Sussex County Community College.  This pledge supports enterprising students as well as local businesses by partnering with NACCE.

Under the agreement, SCCC will allow students to team up and focus on entrepreneurship at the College, talk to industry professionals and local entrepreneurs who focus on business and job creation. The Pledge signifies five steps designed to support small businesses and advance entrepreneurship in the community.

"We're incredibly pleased with Sussex County Community College to be partners with NACCE," Connolly said at the signing. "NACCE is an organization I've been familiar with for about ten years. The important link between community colleges -- the workforce development and training, which is central to our mission -- and then entrepreneurship, it's a natural blend that these two things should happen together."

Dr. Connolly is the first president in New Jersey to sign the NACCE Pledge according to CEO Rebecca Corbin.  She noted that NACCE’s research indicates that a campus, like SCCC, located in a rural setting is often a "perfect incubator for innovation."

"What is unique about what you're doing today is you're surrounded by people who are going to be launching entrepreneurial efforts," Corbin said to Connolly. "The pledge that you're taking, and it's a precedent, is really to engage, internally and externally, teams that will be dedicated to entrepreneurship."

SCCC’s business program in one of the largest at the College, according to program coordinator Lydia Clark. She remarked that students have become more involved and creative with entrepreneurial studies which build upon the business program.

CFO at SCCC, Ketan Gandhi, shared the first of many initiatives underway on campus. The College will be moving from the Barnes and Noble Bookstore to a student-run store which will feature college-wear, food and an ice cream shop. The College plans to have the new Bookstore up and running by the start of the fall semester.