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SCCC, NJ School of Conservation to partner on programming

5/7/2021 12:33:09 PM

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Thanks to the efforts of the Friends of the School of Conservation, the nation's oldest and largest environmental education center, was recently given new life through an agreement with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection. And with the Friends' efforts Sussex County Community College, too, has become a partner.  

Located on a 240-tract of land in Stokes State Forest, it has a long history of serving students through summer camps and resident programs.  

"We are thrilled to be involved with the School of Conservation," said Jon Connolly, President of SCCC. "It has a storied history of environmental education, and we are excited to now be part of it." 

"The limited access agreement that the Friends of NJSOC has negotiated with the NJDEP allows the Friends to return the NJSOC to New Jersey residents, thus fulfilling the promise embodied in legislation establishing the NJSOC in perpetuity," added Kerry Pflugh, President of the Friends. "The partnership with SCCC is another critically important step in making this possible."

Connolly will lead some programming himself, and SCCC has already developed some program offerings for the coming months that have started to fill immediately. 

Limited programming began this month, but in June, things really get moving, including Hooked on Fishing, Not Drugs, June 5, Dendrology and Tree Biology, June 7, Hug A Tree and Hiking Navigation, June 12, Nutrients and Energy in Ecosystems, June 14, and on June 26 and 27, Forest Fun Days.

For a full listing of the schedule through the summer, with times and other details, go to https://friendsofnjsoc.org/.   

"I'm so excited about this partnership!" said Shayne Russell, Vice President of the Friends. "While I'm particularly interested in the immediate program possibilities, the long-term prospects and outcomes from NJSOC and SCCC working together are huge."   

Russell added, "This is such a tremendous way for the community to get involved with both the School of Conservation and SCCC and will serve as a wonderful introduction to both for lifelong learners and prospective students. Can you think of a better way for the family of a prospective student to get a feel for what SCCC is like than to spend the afternoon on a walk through the woods with the college president?"