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Spaces on Campus for Remote Classes

9/15/2020 11:18:56 PM

Students who need to attend their online classes have a few options on campus.

You may use the Student Center Galleria area ONLY if you are taking a SYNCHRONOUS CLASS (HELD AT A SPECIFIC TIME).

Administration Building B304 - OPEN COMPUTER LAB
You may use the Computer Labs in B304 or B305 (high-risk lab) if you are taking an ASYNCHRONOUS CLASS (NOT HELD AT A SPECIFIC TIME).

Open Computer Lab Schedule - Fall 2020. 

A mask is required to enter.  Please wipe down your area when you are finished.

Beginning Monday, September 14 and ending Thursday, December 10
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 am to High-risk Lab   High-risk Lab    
9:15 am B305   B305    
  Courtney   Courtney   9:00am - 1pm
9:25 am- Lab B304   Lab B304   Virtual 
10:40 am Courtney   Courtney   Lab
10:50 am to Lab B304 High Risk Lab Lab B304 High-Risk Lab Virtual 
12:05 pm Courtney B305 Courtney B305 Lab
    Clay   Clay Anna
12:15 pm to   Lab B304   Lab B304  
1:30 pm   Clay   Clay     
1:40 pm to   Lab B304   Lab B304  
2:55 pm   Clay   Clay  
5:00 pm to Lab B304   High-Risk Lab    
6:00 pm Anna   B305    
  Anna   Anna    
6:00 pm- Lab B304   Lab B304 Lab B304  
9:00 pm B304   B304 B304  
  Anna   Anna Courtney  
Note: High Risk -- “Reserved for Medically High-Risk Individuals based on CDC Guidance”
Note: The College will close at 5:00 pm on November 25 to November 29 for the Thanksgiving Day weekend