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Robotics Program Receives ARM Endorsement

2/11/2024 4:19:00 PM

Sussex County Community College Robotics Program Receives Full Endorsement from the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute.

The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Institute has issued full endorsement to the Robotics Program at Sussex County Community College. The endorsement indicates that SCCC provides education in the skills and competencies required to prepare employees for an occupation in high tech environments working with robotics and automation. The ARM Institute brings together industry, government, and academia in order to form collaborations in robotics and workforce innovation. As a public-private partnership, the ARM Institute and its 400+ member organizations share robotic technologies and education solutions to strengthen the U.S. industrial base and secure U.S. manufacturing resiliency. The institute is sponsored by the Department of Defense, and its diverse membership base includes start-ups, research universities, community colleges, manufacturers of all sizes, government agencies, workforce development organizations, and more.

Robotics Supervisor Dr. Leonard Sheehy stated that “The robotics program here at Sussex County Community College is building a foundation on which we can grow. I have been researching the industry to determine which path would be best for us to meet our student’s needs. Being part of an organization like the ARM Institute is vital to our success. This provides Skylander’s educators the information required to develop curriculum that meets the needs of today’s businesses. Having the ability to participate in conversations with other professionals in the field helps me understand what skills are needed by industry. The ARM Institute provides me with the knowledge and confidence I need to provide top quality instruction to our students.”

Membership benefits Sussex County Community College in many ways.

The ARM Institute’s endorsement provides our students with the ability to demonstrate that the training they received at Sussex County Community College is backed by a nationally recognized organization of industry professionals. It indicates to prospective employers that the education they receive meets the standards necessary to kick-off a successful career. Our students will have access to ARM Institute members from academic, technology, manufacturing, and government organizations that share the common mission of creating a robust U.S. manufacturing ecosystem.

For more information on the Robotics and Automation Program at SCCC contact Dr. Leonard Sheehy at lsheehy@sussex.edu 973-300-2343.