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Women’s Wrestling Stand-Out Transitions to Coaching Role at SCCC

6/24/2024 12:00:00 PM

A former standout wrestler with an impressive track record in the wrestling world is set to embark on a new journey as the head coach of the Women's Wrestling program at Sussex County Community College (SCCC). With a celebrated career as an athlete and a passion for coaching, Rebecca Benay Mattes brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the team.


At 12 years old, Mattes began her wrestling journey at Randolph Middle School as a superheavyweight, quickly rising to compete in state and national tournaments for the United States Girls' Wrestling Association (USGWA). Her achievements include multiple 1st place finishes in state tournaments and top 8 placements in national tournaments. She competed at the JV level in high school in the 215/285 weight class. After facing a career-ending injury, Mattes continued to train diligently, returning to the mat in different weight classes and eventually earning a scholarship to King College in Tennessee, where she achieved top eight placement at the Women's College Nationals and Body Bar for a 2x All American Title.


Transitioning from athlete to coach, Mattes has already demonstrated her coaching prowess by assisting friends, teammates, and individuals in personal training. Her experience extends to coaching girls and young women aged 5-18, focusing on technique and fundamentals and fostering a love for the sport.


As the new head coach, Mattes has set ambitious goals for the upcoming season. Her vision is to smoothly transition the team from scholastic to freestyle wrestling, with a strong focus on fundamental skills, technique, conditioning, body awareness, flexibility, and strength training. Her recruitment strategy involves contacting fellow coaches and schools, engaging with young athletes at clubs and tournaments, and maintaining open communication with school administration and admissions.


Mattes is highly optimistic about the program's potential, especially considering the growing popularity of women's wrestling in the area. She envisions a promising future for the Skylanders, with goals to establish a full lineup and assistant coach by year two and to host tournaments by year three.


"It's an honor to coach these talented young women and guide them to success both on and off the mat," says Mattes. "Our vision is limitless, and I'm excited to see the Skylanders soar to new heights."


SCCC has 12 athletic programs for students, including men’s and women’s soccer, basketball and wrestling, football, baseball, softball, esports, men’s lacrosse, women’s volleyball, and a new cheer squad coming this fall.


Prospective students interested in athletic programs at SCCC can contact Athletic Director Todd Poltersdorf at tpoltersdorf@sussex.edu or visit sussexskylanders.com for more information.