Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Felician University Bachelor’s Program at Sussex

If you want to pursue your bachelor’s degree right here in Sussex County, you can now do so by following a sequence of courses beginning in your freshman year at Sussex. Earn your associate degree, complete a few transitional credits, and then seamlessly transition to upper-level courses offered by Felician University on-campus at Sussex. If you follow this sequence from your first year, you can earn your bachelor’s degree in business, education, or nursing in about four years.

This unique partnership saves you time and money:

  • No need to worry about shopping around for the school that will accept the most transfer credits – we’ve synced our curriculum to make it easy.
  • Maximize the number of lower-cost community college courses that are transferable.
  • No long-distance commuting or housing costs! All courses are held locally at the SCCC campus.
  • Consult with your advisor at Sussex County Community College for more details, or you may contact the following:

For more information contact the On-site Felician representatives
David Cohen at 201-355-1451 or cohend@felician.edu
Felician University Admissions at 201-355-1465 or admissions@felician.edu
Felician University Financial Aid Office at 201-559-6010.
For the most up to date information on this program, find out more on Felician University.

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