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The Culinary Certificate program is an intensive one-year certificate program that prepares students for food service positions in the hospitality field.

A mix of class and lab study, students leave the program with a solid understanding of food preparation and service, cultural and culinary trends, menu preparation, equipment usage, safety and sanitation procedures, and customer service and leadership skills. 

Students in the program will learn the use and care of commercial kitchen equipment, high standards of sanitation and food safety, proficiency in techniques of baking and pastry and skills in knife, tool and equipment handling. They must apply the principles of food preparation to produce a variety of food products.

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in basic industry terminology.
  • Practice standards in behavior, grooming, dress, and safety that reflect the mature work attitude expected of an industry professional.
  • Maintain high standards of sanitation and food safety as established by the ServSafe® program.
  • Develop skills in knife, tool and equipment handling and care, apply principles of food preparation to produce a variety of food products.
  • Demonstrate the overall concept of purchasing and receiving practices in quality foodservice operations.
  • Demonstrate the ability to convert, weigh and measure recipes.
  • Describe the characteristics, functions, and food sources of the major nutrients and maximize nutrient retention in menu planning, food preparation, and storage.
  • Develop skills in the fabrication, portioning and yield costing of protein products.
  • Demonstrate proficiency techniques preparation and presentation of baking and pastry.
  • Demonstrate quality customer service including supervisory management, dining room service, guest service, working with others and multi-tasking.
  • Apply the principles of menu planning, development, and execution.
  • Communicate clearly and professionally, both verbally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate creativity and problem-solving skills, based on operational theory and procedures.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of organizational structures within hospitality and foodservice establishments.

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Courses for this program

This is a recommended program course sequence for students who wish to complete their certificate in one year. Part-time students and students starting in the spring or summer semesters can meet with an Advisor to customize their own plan.

Code Course Name Credits
Fall - First Year
ENGL101 English Composition I 3
CULA103 Food Service Sanitation 1
CULA105 Basic Culinary Skills** 3
CULA107 Food Principles** 3
CULA110 Meat Fabrication for Culinarian** 2
CULA118 Garde Manger** 3
Total Semester Credits
Spring - First Year
CULA122 Basic Baking*** 3
CULA130 Charcuterie*** 3
CULA135 Advanced Baking and Pastry*** 3
CULA140 Breakfast and Lunch Cookery*** 3
GNED000 General Education Elective* 3
Total Semester Credits

*General Education courses: Choose from the list of approved General Education courses in the College Catalog.

**Course only offered in fall

***Course only offered in spring

Students may choose to first take some developmental courses that are designed to prepare students for the college level coursework in their academic plan. This may add to the students’ completion time.

The number of credits students take each semester will determine when the student will complete his/her program of study.