3D Computer Arts - A.A.S. Degree

Turn your passion for video games and animation into a career!

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This program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in the game and graphics industry. Studio-intensive courses include the rapidly advancing technology of computer graphics and a wide spectrum of digital visual media including 3-D modeling and animation, texture and lighting, compositing, digital film and video effects and creating graphics for the Internet utilizing industry standard software. Graduates will have the introductions necessary to consider careers in graphic design, 2-D conceptual art, 3-D character building, 3-D object modeling, 2-D texture art or interactive design.
Approximately one-half of all program graduates go on to complete a baccalaureate degree in game art, animation, graphic design, film, video, or illustration.

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Analyze the history of visual culture and design theory, and apply historical
    relevance in the context of modern industry issues and trends.
  • Conceptualize, design, and plan animated works while exercising store development
    and artistic techniques.
  • Execute technical, aesthetic, and conceptual decisions based on understanding the
    functions of traditional design and computer-based graphics.
  • Use the principle techniques of 3-D modeling and animation for content related to film and game design.
  • Collaborate with diverse teams of creative contributors, production personnel and clients while working with creative constraints and deadlines.
  • Produce a professional portfolio of representative projects.
  • Apply knowledge of intellectual property issues.
  • Introduction to a career in various industries including game art, illustration,
    video, film web, desktop publishing and advertising.

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Courses for this program


This is a recommended program course sequence for students who wish to complete their Associate’s degree in 2 years. Part-time students and students starting in the Spring or Summer semesters can meet with an Advisor to customize their own plan.

Code Course Name Credits
Fall - First Year
COLL101 Foundations for Success 3
ENGL101 English Composition I 3
GRAD101 Design I 3
GRAD105 Vector Graphic and Page Design 3
GRAD153 Character Design 3
Total Semester Credits
Spring - First Year
MAST000 Math/Science/Technology Gen Ed Requirement 3
ARTA103 Art History I 3
GRAD107 Drawing for Designers 3
GRAD128 Digital Imagery and Editing 3
GRAD158 3D Modeling 3
Total Semester Credits
Fall - Second Year
ENGL201 Effective Speaking 3
ARTA104 Art History II 3
GSOC000 Social Science Gen Ed Requirement* 3
GRAD162 Character Modeling in 3D 3
GRAD163 3D Environments 3
Total Semester Credits
Spring - Second Year
GHMN000 Humanities Gen Ed Requirement* 3
GRAD164 Character Animation in 3D 3
GRAD202 3D Level Design 3
GRAD235 Video and Motion Graphics 3
GRAD282 Portfolio/Reel Preparation and Presentation 1
GRAD283 3D Computer Arts Internship 2
Total Semester Credits

*General Education courses: Choose from the list of approved General Education courses in the College catalog.

Students may choose to first take some developmental courses that are designed to prepare students for the college level coursework in their academic plan. This may add to the students’ completion time.

The number of credits students take each semester will determine when the student will complete his/her program of study.