Scholarship List

Annual Scholarships

Endowed Scholarships

 AAUW Arts Scholarship in Memory of Virginia Ray Randall

 100 Women Project Scholarship

 AAUW STEM Scholarship

 A Roy and Susan Knutsen Family Foundation Scholarship

 ALICE® Workforce Training Scholarship

 Antiques & Treasures Scholarship

 Barnes & Noble Scholarship 

 Bain Women's Leadership Scholarship 

 Barry & Allison Worman Scholarship

 Betty June Silconas Poetry Scholarship 

 Beverly and Bruce Gordon  Scholarship

 Betty Thibodeau Scholarship

 Black Bear Film Festival Scholarship

 Brian William Dunn Memorial Scholarship

Culinary Arts Scholarship

 Centurylink Endowment  Scholarship 

First Hope Bank Scholarship

 Charles A. and Diane P. Roberts Success Scholarship

Franklin Mutual Insurance Scholarship

 Charles M. Seider Scholarship

 Funding Their Future Scholarships

 Cheta Desmoureaux RN Memorial Scholarship

Gail Collis Memorial Scholarship

 Clearing Corp Agricultural Program Scholarship  

 Holiday Inn Express Scholarship

 Clearing Corp Business Learning Scholarship

 J.G. Petrucci and Iron Hill Construction Annual Scholarship

 Colin Mackey Memorial Scholarship

James Alexander Corporation Scholarship

David W. Kulsar Endowed Scholarship in Honor of William E. Kulsar

 Karline Morgenthien Memorial Scholarship

 Donald & Ruth Williams Scholarship

Keith Griffiths Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Bradley & Linda Gottfried Scholarship

 Lakeland Bank Scholarship 

 Dr. William A. Connor Scholarship

 Marlene Wilbur Memorial Scholarship

 Earl Felio Scholarship

Matthew B. Hakoun Memorial Scholarship

 Eloise Walko Memorial Scholarship

Newton Veterinary Hospital Scholarship

 George Paffendorf Scholarship

 Niels Bohr Science, Technology, and Peace Scholarship

 Jack Kurlander Memorial Scholarship

Paver Annual Scholarship

 Jacob J. & Allison C. Smith Scholarship

Professional Staff Federation Scholarship

 Jeffrey & Lisa Quinn Scholarship

SCCC Board of Trustees Scholarship

 Jeffrey Syberg Memorial Scholarship

 Selective Insurance Scholarship

 Joel & Alissa Isaacson Scholarship

 SB One Bank/SB One Foundation - Business Scholarship

 Judith A. Taterka Scholarship 

 SB One Bank/SB One Foundation - US Armed Forces College Start Scholarship

 Justin R. Christian Memorial Endowment Scholarship

 SB One Bank/SB One Foundation - US Armed Forces Reservist Scholarship

Leonard Sanders Memorial Scholarship

 SB One Bank/SB One Foundation - US Armed Forces Veteran Assistance Scholarship

 Linda and Rhea Fountain Scholarship

 SCCC Student Government Association Scholarship

 Nancy Eigner Scholarship 

Sussex County Chamber of Commerce Scholarship

Nancy Kulsar Memorial Scholarship

Syberg Veteran Scholarship

 NJ Firefighters & Police Scholarship

 The Aryanna Brahs Memorial Scholarship - presented by The Hampton Township Fire and Rescue, Inc.  

Patricia Taterka Veterinary Tech Scholarship

 The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International Chapter Epsilon Chapter Scholarship

 Red Callahan Scholarship

Thorlabs Inc. STEM Annual Scholarship

 Richardson, Wakeman, Wright Scholarship in honor of Mr. James (Rick) Richardson Wright

Thorlabs Children of Heroes Scholarship

 Ronald Dale Tyler Scholarship


 Sivaraman Anbarason Academic Scholarship


 Susan Rafter Scholarship


 Sussex Bay Scholarship


 Syberg Family Scholarship


 Tall Cedars of Lebanon Scholarship


 Vernon Township Council for the Arts Scholarship 


 William L. Pierce Sr. Memorial Scholarship


 William S. Finch Scholarship


 Zonta of Sussex Scholarship