Some College, No Degree

In an effort to empower and support New Jersey residents who have some college credit, but left school before completing their degrees, "Some College, No Degree" provides the resources and opportunities necessary to return to higher education and complete your degree or credential.

We are excited to welcome you back to college! Returning to complete your degree can be an overwhelming process, but we're here to help you find the support and resources you need, so you can focus on thriving.


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Credit for Prior Learning

Prior learning assessments (PLAs) and portfolios are tools used to award college credit for your non-academic experiences and training by demonstrating that what you already know is equivalent to what you would have learned in an equivalent college course. Your prior knowledge and experience may have been acquired through your past work, military or other training, volunteering, and more. PLAs can help shorten the time it takes to complete your degree. Learn more about this option through the overview of the NJ Prior Learning Assessment Network or by inquiring directly with your institution.

NJ Transfer

NJ Transfer is a website designed to help you understand which courses from Sussex County Community College will transfer to a four-year college or university in the state. That way, you can strategically plan the most appropriate and quickest path to your bachelor's degree based on your needs. SCCC and 25 of the four-year colleges in the State participate in NJ Transfer.

Basic Needs

This website collects resources to address students' material hardships, including food, housing, childcare, transportation, health, legal aid, tax assistance, and more.