Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) is committed to enriching the campus life at Sussex. Membership in the SGA affords opportunities to develop interests, explore new ideas, and meet new people.

All enrolled students are members of the SGA, which is led by four elected officers. These officers are elected annually by the student body. The SGA serves as a communication link between the student body and College administration and also oversees all student clubs and organizations.

SGA Responsibilities 

  • Approving the formation and funding for all student clubs.
  • Setting and monitoring a code of ethics for all clubs and organizations.
  • Electing student representatives to standing committees of the college.
  • Promoting student leadership through training workshops and conferences.
  • Taking part and encouraging club participation in community service.
  • Proposing positive changes and improvements in campus life.
  • Supporting and participating in campus/club projects and events.

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SGA Officers for 2019-2020

President: Cheyenne Port    |    Vice President: Scott Raghubir
Secretary: Madeleine Kelleher   |    Treasurer: TBA

SGA Officers in Gazebo

Pictured left to right: Madeleine Kelleher, Scott Raghubir, and Cheyenne Port 

Meet your SGA Officers

Cheyenne Port is currently in her third year at SCCC. She completed her first degree in Business Administration in the spring of 2019 and has decided to pursue a second degree in Accounting.  Cheyenne will also be continuing towards her bachelor's degree in Business Administration through Felician University‘s program on SCCC’s campus. She served as the SGA Treasurer and now as SGA President. Cheyenne’s goals are to maximize student engagement, to create a positive environment, and better every students’ experience throughout their time at Sussex County Community College.

Scott Raghubir was born in Lafayette, NJ. He has lived there since and has fallen in love with the volunteering community around him. Graduating top in his trade as a graphic designer at Sussex Tech for the 2018 year, he still actively pursues it. Known to have an entrepreneurial spirit and always getting involved, you can find him running around campus. Scott is looking to reach for a Bachelor's in Software Engineering in Florida after completing his two years at Sussex.

Madeleine Kelleher is in her second year at Sussex County Community College and is pursuing two degrees in Theatre Arts and Communications: Broadcasting. Having been a part of a concurrent program associated with the college in high school, Maddie will receive both degrees by the end of the 2020 Spring semester. As Student Government secretary, she hopes to bring a passion and student spirit as well as encourage student engagement to the campus and plans to accomplish this through a positive attitude and friendly demeanor. 

Become an SGA Officer - get involved!

SGA elections are held in late April/early May. Applications for office are available in the Campus Life Office D105A. We will hold elections at the end of April. For those students interested in becoming an officer, elected officers receive a work grant equivalent to 6-12 credits.