CE Enrichment Classes

Enjoy a class, or two, offered by the Community Education Center at Sussex. Additional classes will be added, so please check back for classes offered in 3D printing, horticulture, gardening, and more.

All classes will be scheduled via Zoom so participants can access these classes in the comforts of their own home.

Please fill out the REGISTRATION FORM. Linda Connor will contact you for payment. lconnor@sussex.edu or call 973.300.2132



woman sitting on a chair doing yogaThis class is a gentle form of yoga sitting in a chair or standing using the chair for support. Chair Yoga is a great alternative to traditional yoga if you are struggling with balance issues, have a limited range of motion, have a physical disability or limitation. You will learn many yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation, and ways of relaxation with the aid of a chair. Chair Yoga has the benefits of traditional Yoga. As we unite breath with movement, we make space to slow down and find stillness. When we do that, we allow our bodily systems to release and open. It is here, in this quiet space, that we grow both physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Join Sue for an hour of Chair Yoga, discussions on Yoga Philosophy topics, and Savasana.

INSTRUCTOR: Susan Essig 
Dates: Wednesday - February 10, February 17, February 24, and March 3
Time:  12 noon–1:00 pm
Cost: $40 - 4 sessions, 1 hour each


This class is great for beginners as well as regular practitioners looking to unwind and relax, and regardless of your fitness level, Yoga is for everyone. Take this time to give back to your body through gentle movement and breathing. When we do that, we allow our bodily systems to release and open. It is here, in this quiet space, that we grow both physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yoga is also a mental practice where there is an opportunity to work through stress, emotional issues, anxiety, or psychological challenges and encourages mindfulness, and creating awareness.  Join Sue for an hour of Beginner's Hatha Yoga, discussions on Yoga Philosophy topics, and Savasana. 

Dates: Fridays - February 12, February 19, February 26, and March 5
Time:  12 noon–1:00 pm
Cost: $40  - 4 sessions, 1 hour each

Cooking Classes on Zoom


Love is in the air! Join pastry chef Katharine Satter for a fun date night cooking class just in time for Valentine’s day. In this class, you will learn three techniques to create a plated dessert that will focus on classic Valentine’s flavors of chocolate, strawberries & rosé. 

Sample Menu: Dark Chocolate Molten Lava Cake with rosé macerated berries and crème Chantilly.

Date: February 12th, 6:30-8 pm, Friday
Cost: $20 per person


Learn basic culinary techniques to cook like a professional with chef Martin Kester. Knife kit- proper knife care, applications, hand placement & cutting techniques. Building a versatile basic pantry to draw upon. Seasoning - learn to use a variety of salts, fats, acids, herbs, and spices to season like a chef. Heat - learn how to condition a pan and manage heat throughout the cooking process.

Date: Friday, March 12
Time: 6:30 pm-8:00 pm
Cost: $20 per person

Sample Menu: French rolled omelet and how to sauté a fish fillet


Learn the fundamentals of yeasted doughs in sweet applications from pastry chef Katharine Satter. This versatile group of doughs can be used to make everything from bread and rolls to doughnuts, sticky buns, and coffee cakes.

Date: Friday, April 9
Time: 6:30pm-8:00 pm

Cost: $20 per person

Sample Menu: Spice Orange Sticky Buns


Join chef Martin Kester for his favorite ingredient season, Spring! Learn the fundamentals of cooking with the treasures of the growing seasons’ first offerings. Become familiar with the key points of working with these ingredients and maximizing their delicate, fresh flavors.

Date: Friday, May 7
Time: 6:30 pm-8:00 pm
Cost:  $20 per person

Sample Menu: To include Asparagus, Peas, and Mushrooms