Coronavirus, COVID-19 Information

Dear College Community:

The past few weeks have been fast-developing for all of us with respect to the Novel Corona Virus known as COVID-19 (for 2019). With this viral outbreak has come an unsettled sense about what it all means for our lives and our social fabric. Although it is true that our generation(s) has/have never experienced anything like this before, our country and state are prepared to face it head-on – and so is our college. There are reasons for us to be optimistic, even in the face of such upheaval, when we count our blessings and never forget our humanity and toughness.

The Governor of the State of NJ has just announced in a press conference a new Executive Order. The plans being coordinated by the College’s Coronavirus Task Force are aligned with the Executive Order. 

Updated information as of April 1

Academics Operations

  • The College will continue with all class content to remote delivery for the remainder of the Spring Semester. All business practices will continue remotely until further notice. For students who need internet and cellular connectivity, please click here.
    • Faculty members will be communicating with their students regarding the specific plan for their courses.
  • Students can access the following videos for additional assistance. Videos have been prepared for online information.
  • The Library will be moving to a virtual presence only at this time. Students seeking library assistance can utilize online research resources. Visit the Library website.
  • Be sure to promote wellness and practice self-care. Here are some helpful tips and resources.

Campus Operations

  • The college is open with limited employees while the remainder will be working from home.
  • The College will continue to provide services via email and phone during regular business hours. Contact information for each department is available in our faculty and staff directory.

Campus and Athletic Events

  • Campus events: Check the website for any updates and changes.
  • Athletic practice and competition: The NJCAA has decided to end all competition for the remainder of the academic year.

Health and Wellness

  • Campus facilities are continuing to work around the clock to clean and sanitize classrooms and community areas.
  • Travel Alert Form: We are asking for those who are traveling to higher-risk areas to use the alert form so the College can be better prepared.

I want to finish this communication with my thanks for all that you are doing. What we will re-discover as we go through this challenging time, is how important people are – the people we work with and the community. It has never been more important that we be present for each other and recognize that everyone is doing their best for family, friends, and colleagues under extremely trying circumstances. We are going to encounter difficulties that will make other people react in ways that they would not under ordinary circumstances. For that, we need to open our hearts because we can all sympathize. The one thing we must never lose is our humanity as we proceed with life and work.   


Jon H. Connolly

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