Campus Life & Student Engagement Plan

New Student Orientation

The Campus Life Office is seeking to host an In-person New Student Orientation with modifications to include social distancing, limited attendance, and have it restructured as an entirely outdoor event.

The proposed changes involve scheduling 10-sessions running August 17th-28th. Weather permitting, there will be two sessions each day an AM session from 9:00 am-1:00 pm and a PM session from 2:00 pm-6:00 pm. New students will be directed to sign-up for a session of their choice with a limit of 75 spaces available. The sessions will be hosted outdoors, with the larger group being separated into smaller groups of up to 25 people in socially-distanced formations. Hand sanitization stations will be set up. Welcome Packets will be pre-assembled to minimize the number of students standing in line at check-in, and that line will be established for social distancing. By guidance from OSHE, the Welcome Packets and plan for the day will include the college COVID-19 guidance. Our student handbook and website will contain similar Covid-19 advice, and posters have been hung throughout the campus to remind students about critical COVID-19safety guidelines. 

Student Events & Activities

Campus Life & Student Engagement will be hosting a combination of in-person and virtual events. Mainstay events, like Club Rush, will be held outdoors on Connor Green, or in the Gym, with modifications, and if the weather allows. Tables will be set at a 6-foot distance with directional signs to maintain social distancing. Clubs will be limited to 2 people, spaced 6 feet apart, working at the tables. Students approaching the tables will be asked to stand 6-feet away from each of the tables, and each other. Hand sanitation stations will be set up. Other events, like the blood drive, the Thanksgiving gathering, and the annual Welcome Picnic, have been suspended. The Wellness Fair, hosted by the College's Counseling Center, will be moved outside to Connor Green or the Gym. The event will follow the same guidelines as Club Rush, emphasizing sanitization, social distancing, limited and mandatory masks for any indoor events. For both events, the crowd size will be dictated by the space used and the current state guidelines on in-person gatherings. Hand sanitation stations will be used. 

SGA and Ambassador events will be hosted outdoors, weather permitting. Students will be encouraged to reserve their space since all in-person events will be limited to 25% of the posted capacity, and by prevailing state guidance at that time.

Lectures and presentations will be live-streamed to social media and YouTube for the virtual participation of students. All other campus events will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the state guidance.

Student Governance Association (SGA) Office Hours
The hours for the SGA Office hours will be limited, with no drop-in service. The SGA will be utilizing ZOOM to host larger meetings and holding weekly office hours on ZOOM.  SGA Officers will be directed to maintain the office at one person per time slot, with time slots limited to a 2-hour time frame. All SGA Executive meetings will be held outside (weather permitting) or in indoor spaces that allow for social distancing with masks required.

Community Connections Office
The Community Connections Office houses a number of important service agencies critical to the holistic well-being of students.  These community partners provide information on needs such as affordable childcare, SNAP and other social service benefits, domestic and dating violence, and sexual assault.  Partners rotate through the space during the week.  At this stage, some partners are choosing to stay entirely remote, while others would like to explore options to return to campus.  Those who would like to come back to the College will continue to supplement in-person efforts with virtual services.  The Connections office is small but will accommodate one representative per day.  The partner representatives will each have their own assigned day, possibly allowing one partner two days if the schedule permits it.   A schedule for the partner representatives will be posted in the hallway, immediately adjacent to the office, and will be posted on the College website.  The door will remain locked from the inside.  The entrance to the office is glass, so students will be able to determine if a representative is available.  If a student would like to speak with the representative, that rep will come out of the office and, maintaining masks and appropriate social distancing will lead the student to an appropriately larger but private space to speak.  One option is a classroom, or a secluded area outside the building, away from other individuals.  All students and representatives connected to that space will wear masks.  By College guidance, the Center will devise a sanitation and disinfection process as the general public enters/exits, including requiring the representative to disinfect the space upon arrival and departure from campus.   While due to the nature of this type of support, walk-ins will be accommodated, students will be encouraged to make appointments in advance. 

Skylander Ambassadors
Ambassadors will not be allowed to congregate in the Campus Life office this fall semester. They will be allowed to come to the office during the scheduled time to pick up materials needed for events, by Appointment. During scheduled events for the College, Ambassadors will be expected to maintain social distancing; for indoor events, masks will be worn; for outdoor events, no mask will be required but will be strongly encouraged, depending on the specifics of the event. Ambassador meetings will be held outdoor (weather permitting), indoor with social distancing, and via ZOOM. All couches in the galleria, just outside the campus life office, will be removed to prevent students from congregating there as well.