Academic Achievements

Athletic Honors

1st Team All Garden State Athletic Conference

  • Lea Fricke

2018-2019 1st Team NJCAA  All Academic

  • Deon Waldmeier

2018-2019 2nd Team NJCAA All Academic

  • Lea Fricke
  • Madison Stires

2018-2019 Academic All American

  • Lea Fricke

2018 2nd Team All Garden State Athletic Conference

  • Kristina Feeley

2018 2nd Team All Region XIX

  • Kristina Feeley
  • Lea Fricke

2018 Women’s Soccer Coaches’ Award

  • Lea Fricke

2019 1st Team All Region XIX

  • Lea Fricke

2019 2nd Team All Region XIX

  • Tom Moore

2019 Men’s Soccer Coaches’ Award

  • Deon Waldmeier

2020 Women’s Lacrosse Coaches’ Award

  • Angelina Milazzo

2nd Team All Garden State Athletic Conference

  • Lea Fricke
  • Tom Moore

Excellence Awards

Presidential Award

  • Randi-Marie Wask

Vice President of Student Services Award

  • Dakota Pittman

Award for Excellence in Accounting

  • Michael Duffy 

Award for Excellence in Anthropology

  • Christina Quinones

Athletic Council Awards

  • Cloe Bellerby
  • Adrian Sanchez

Award for Excellence in Biology

  • Brianne Paragh

Award for Excellence in Business Administration

  • Madison Garrett
  • Jenna Cole

Award for Excellence in Business Management

  • Daniel Rodrigues 

Campus Life Award

  • Chris Hara

Award for Excellence in Communications

  • Mary Sutton

Award for Excellence in Computer Information Systems

  • Justin Oestreich

Award for Excellence in Criminal Justice

  • Matthew Herdman

Award for Excellence in Environmental Studies

  • Colette Cunningham

Award for Exceptional Achievement

  • Hailey Gianoulis

Award for Excellence in Exercise Science

  • Bogac Samioglu

Fine Arts Achievement Award

  • Elizabeth DeHaas

Award for Excellence in Graphic Design

  • Justin Good
  • Dung Pham

Award for Excellence in Mathematics

  • Deon Waldmeier

The Carnavale Poetry Award

  • Madelynn Freire

Award for Excellence in Psychology

  • Justin Waltner

Award for Excellence in Sociology

  • Sareena Sciabica

Theater Arts Achievement Award

  • Jamielynn Oliver

Award for Outstanding Writing 

  • Benjamin Pannulo

Leadership Awards

Active Minds

  • Chloe Bellerby

Adventure Club

  • Cassandra Del Toro

Anime Club

  • Rhiannon Cooper

Anti-Violence Project

  • Courtney Pruden

ASL Club

  • Iliana Woodhull

Exercise Science

  • Emma Wiedbrauk

Film Club

  • Mary Sutton

History Club

  • Kevin Bersuch

Multicultural Diversity Club

  • Claryssa Robinson

Rainbow Alliance

  • Carl Contino

Skylander’s Performing Guild

  • Chris Hara