Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free sessions with peer writing tutors to discuss all aspects of the writing process, from brainstorming to composition and revising/editing skills. Writers at any level are welcome. Develop your ideas and engage in interactive discussions about your writing. Download the brochure.

What happens during a session?

When a student signs up for a session, he or she will speak with one of our peer coaches about their writing. There is no pressure to finish your essay in one or even a few sessions! Our peer coaches will discuss, motivate, and support the student through the writing process.

We don't edit or proofread your writing. Having students focus on developing the patterns and skills to be successful on their own is crucial to a peer coaching session.

How do I prepare for a visit?

  • Come with a notebook or a laptop and writing assignment. Although we do not edit your essay, you are encouraged to bring whatever you have thus far in the writing process. From there we will help you develop a plan to complete your assignment by helping you with prewriting, drafting, and writing.
  • Sessions last between 30-45 minutes followed up with a written record of what was worked on during the meeting to help the next peer coach in subsequent sessions.
  • Because we have peer coaches from different majors, we encourage students from all different courses to come to the center.

Who are the peer coaches?

Our peer coaches are current students at Sussex dedicated to helping you through the writing process. Each peer coach will listen, offer advice, and help create a strategy for completing your assignment.

When is the Center Open?

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Monday through Thursday
Student Center, Room D111

Make an appointment online

To make and appointment or create an account, please visit sussex.mywconline.com. Use your Sussex email address and a password of your choosing to schedule an appointment with one of our peer coaches. If you are unable to secure your desired time, there is a waitlist that automatically lets you know if another student cancels their appointment.