Free College - Act Now!

Getting an affordable education is within reach. Students who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for Sussex County Community College may be eligible to attend college tuition-free. Students can cover the cost of tuition using many options such as Pell grants, NJ STARS, and the many scholarships and financial aid programs.

Students should not have to go into debt to receive a quality education, and Sussex is proud that 72% of students graduate DEBT FREE!

Sussex is participating in the state’s tuition-free college, the New Jersey Community College Opportunity Grant (CCOG).

New Jersey residents with adjusted gross income (AGI) between $0 and $65,000 will be awarded the cost of tuition and approved educational fees.

New Jersey residents with AGIs between $65,001 and $80,000 pay reduced tuition costs after applying up to 50% of the maximum CCOG award available at Sussex.

What you need to qualify: 

  • Must be a New Jersey resident
  • Your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) is:
    • $0 to $65,000 (Tier 1): full tuition and allowable fees
    • $65,001 to $80,000 (Tier 2): 50% tuition and allowable fees
    • $80,001 to $100,000 (Tier 3): 33% tuition and allowable fees
  • Students enrolled in at least six credits, but cannot exceed 18 credits
  • STATE AID APPLICATION FILING DEADLINES:  Must file a FAFSA or the NJ Alternative Application for Aid (NJ DREAMERS only) by NJHESAA’s deadline dates
  • Cannot already have an associate or bachelor's degree
  • Make satisfactory academic progress (SAP) while attending college

If selected for federal and/or state verification, you must submit all required documents by the published deadlines

Easy Steps to a Free College Education

✔  Apply to Sussex - Apply to Sussex and be sure to choose a degree program to qualify for the Community College Opportunity Grant. For questions, contact Admissions at 973-300-2223. 

✔  File your FAFSA - File your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) before the HESAA deadline. Visit with the Financial aid Office to see if you qualify and complete verification if selected.

✔  Meet with the Student Success Center - Discuss your academic options with an advisor, and you're on your way!

For more details, visit the HESAA website.