Disabilities Assistance Program

The Disabilities Coordinator/Advisor works collaboratively with academic departments and student services offices to engage and support the intellectual and social development of students with disabilities. A student with a disability who is qualified for admission will have the same access to programs, services, and activities as all other students.

Students who require accommodations to pursue their higher education goals need to make an appointment with the adviser to the Disabilities Assistance Program. It is the student’s responsibility to provide current and comprehensive documentation, which would warrant such accommodation. The need to provide documentation applies to both academic and facilities accommodations.

Please note: Requests for sign language interpreting and note-taking (scribe) services should be made six weeks before the start of each semester to ensure that services will be available at the beginning of the semester. Late requests may result in a delay in the provision of these services until staffing can be scheduled.

Information about an individual’s disabilities is considered strictly confidential. For that reason, students interested in seeking accommodations must be aware that it is their responsibility to inform their faculty of their personal needs regarding either academic or facilities arrangements. The adviser to the Disabilities Assistance Program’s role is to coordinate and mediate, when necessary, between the faculty or staff member and student only after disclosure of a disability has been made by the student to that faculty or staff member.

Contact information:
Dr. Kathleen Okay, Vice President of Student Services