EOF Spotlight

Ricky MarienthalEOF Student, Ricky Marienthal

“I had no plans to attend college after high school. I found out about the Education Opportunity Fund program from high school. I met with advisors from Sussex, who explained the benefits of the program. I became interested after I learned about the many services offered like summer prep courses, a private study area, and great support resources. The most significant advantage is the EOF lab where I can get my work done any time during the day, plus there is always an English or math tutor available to guide me. I have spent many hours a week studying in the lab between my classes.

My current major is Exercise Science, which I enjoy. Sussex has a very smooth transition into a four-year program, so I would love to continue my education after I graduate. The support system and staff in the EOF program are amazing, and they led me on a great path.

The College is a lot of fun, and it has a great social environment which makes me happy to attend."