Writing Workshops

Feb. 13th - MLA Documentation with Dr. Mary Thompson – If you are taking a Humanities course, then you will most likely use the Modern Language Association (MLA) style of documentation. Come to this workshop to learn and practice the basics of MLA, so you don’t lose points from basic documentation mistakes!

Feb. 27th – APA Documentation with Prof. McCulloch – If you are enrolled in psychology, education, nursing, or other social sciences course, then attend this workshop to learn and practice the basics of the American Psychological Association (APA) style of documentation with Prof. McCulloch.

March 6th - Grammar Workshop with Prof. George Lightcap – Do you struggle with proper grammar usage? Are you unsure about parts of speech or parts of sentences? Come to this workshop with Prof. George Lightcap to reintroduce yourself to basic English grammar so you can feel confident in your writing.

March 12th or 14th – English as a Second Language Work with Prof. Drew Renaldo

March 27th – The Research Paper Process with Prof. McCulloch – Part I – In this first part of a two-part series, we will learn how to start the research paper process, from brainstorming to prewriting to the basics of research

April 3rd - The Research Paper Process with Prof. McCulloch – Part II – In the second and final part of the series, we will discuss how to go from ideas and research to a complete rough draft using techniques such as freewriting and outlining.

April 10th – How to Email Like a Professional with Prof. McCulloch - With graduation looming, you may be already reaching out to businesses about job openings. Learn how to correspond with professionals as if you are already one. Many students are way too casual in their emails. In this workshop, you will learn some key phrases to use when emailing to make you sound professional.

April 17th – Building a Resume and Writing an Application Letter – Learn how to build a resume in conjunction with writing a cover letter to help land you an interview.

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