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Certificates of Achievement

Whether you’re just starting out on your career path or already working in your field and want to advance and update your knowledge and skills, Certificates of Achievement can help you reach your goals. You’ll be prepared to enter a field or expand your resume.

Certificates of Achievement are certificates that are

  • short-term certificates designed for professional development 
  • able to be completed in 12 months or less


15 credits. This certificate is structured to build upon required prior coursework in financial and managerial accounting principles including computerized accounting and payroll accounting. Business applications using electronic spreadsheets will also be reviewed. The program will prepare students for entry-level bookkeeping positions and for positions as accounts receivable or accounts payable clerks.

Computer-Aided Design/Drawing Software

9 credits. Designed for individuals seeking hands-on experience with the digital tools used by mechanical engineers, drafters and design-related professionals. 2D and 3D platforms used to automate design and expand visual concepts are covered as is collaborative work on CAD projects and software used to produce computer aided drawings. Students will be prepared for entry-level positions as CAD operators, designers or 3D artists.

Cultural Competence

Gain competence in understanding cross-cultural relationships and multicultural interactions.

Cyber Crime Investigation

Focuses on cyber-based crimes which will prepare students to enter the field of computer crime investigations and private security.

Digital Art and Illustration

22 credits. This certificate is structured for students wanting to learn digital imaging and computer aided drawing software as well as traditional mediums to master skills in digital art and illustration. Explore color, type, form, layout and design through a variety of digital illustration techniques and drawing. Students will be prepared for entry-level positions as commercial or background illustrators, graphic facilitators or multimedia artists.

Graphic and Digital Design

19 credits. This certificate offers hands-on learning in the field of graphic and digital design to enhance design skills while providing intensive training. Acquire the knowledge and experience to produce aesthetically pleasing design projects. Students will be prepared for positions in design departments, graphic design firms, advertising, print and multimedia design companies.

Independent Film

16 credits. Designed for students who want informal experience in film such as the operation of video or digital SLR cameras, digital video software and audio editing software. The student will gain practical experience in film production, have an opportunity to refine skills and develop a portfolio of work. Students will have the ability to write, produce, direct, analyze and evaluate broadcast segments and develop a personal and professional portfolio in film. Students will be prepared for entry-level opportunities in film festivals and broadcast production.

Interactive Design Skills

22 credits. Designed for individuals seeking hands-on experience enhancing computer graphics and web design skills through the study of designing and creating for the Internet. The focus is on the creation of aesthetically pleasing and functional web graphics and websites that capture and hold visitor interest. Students will present a portfolio of graphic and web design skills to document their preparation for positions as web designers, graphic designers or multimedia artists.

Multimedia Artist

22 credits. This certificate is for students who want to acquire fundamental, technical and conceptual skills used in the field of multimedia. These include the ability to create aesthetically pleasing and functional images, interfaces and motion graphics for the web and professional techniques for video editing. Students will be prepared for entry-level positions as motion graphics and video editing specialists, web and graphic designers and multimedia artists.


12 credits. This certificate allows students to concentrate in either documentary photography or photojournalism. Documentary photography will focus on general digital and studio photography. Photojournalism emphasizes location and event photography. The goal of the certificate in photography is to provide the skills necessary for entry level work as a freelance photographer. Should students wish to continue, credits can later be applied to a two-year AFA degree with a Photography Option.

Social Media

18 credits. This program is structured for students seeking to acquire hands-on experience in Internet marketing, web design, journalism, graphic and media design. Students will develop the skills necessary to create written and visual content for social media sites and focus on using relationship building social media platforms as a way to communicate with a variety of audiences. Students will be prepared for entry-level positions in social networking, social media strategy, social media copy writing, advertising, public relations, graphic design and web journalism.

Music Fundamentals

This program is intended to complement current disciplines, enhance previous education, or for self-enrichment and enjoyment. The curriculum integrates music appreciation, theory, chorus and piano for the inspiring musical artist. Emphasis is placed on the technical and creative skills. You will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the history, cultural diversity and heritage of music; acquire an appreciation of music and identify a personal aesthetic; recognize music as art and a universal language with organization and structure; identify and articulate the components of music composition; perform as part of an ensemble.

Technical Support

15 credits. This certificate will prepare students for a career in supporting the information technology needs of business. The program will focus on industry standard applications, networking, network security, web design, business programming and operating systems tools. Students will be prepared for careers as computer technicians, technical support and help desk specialists, web designers and programmers, software testers and quality assurance specialists.

WordPress Theme Design

18 credits. This certificate is organized for students seeking hands-on experience in learning the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and will provide the skills needed to design interactive websites using modern digital tools. The WordPress CMS is an Open Source tool and is one of the most popular platforms for either personal or business website development. Acquire the skills necessary to create a personal WordPress site or blog, a fully optimized e-commerce store, analyze and employ plugins as site enhancements and convey a basic understanding of website architecture.