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Graphic Design

Graphic designers combine artistic ability with technical knowledge to create designs used in print and electronic media that inform, motivate, educate or sell.

The objective of this focused multimedia program is designed to provide traditional techniques and the dynamic structure of current computer-based technology. The program will build the groundwork for a career and provide real time in a simulated work environment while preparing a competitive portfolio. Students will develop initiative and critical thinking skills needed to compete in the global market place. Approximately one-half of all program graduates go on to complete a baccalaureate degree in graphic design, film, video, illustration or game art.

Graduates of this program will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Analyze the history of visual culture and design theory, and apply historical relevance in the context of modern industry issues and trends.
  • Execute technical, aesthetic, and conceptual decisions based on understanding the functions of graphic design, illustration, web design and animation.
  • Implement current and emerging technologies using both PC and Macintosh platforms as production tools.
  • Utilize problem solving techniques and critical thinking skills across a wide range of media to capture the attention of intended audiences.
  • Collaborate with diverse teams of creative contributors, production personnel and clients while working with creative constraints and deadlines.
  • Apply knowledge of intellectual property issues.
  • Produce a professional portfolio in both traditional and digital formats.
  • Qualify for various entry-level industry positions, including desktop publishing, graphic designers, production artists, web designers, digital image processors, digital illustrators and assistant art directors.


Career Options

Upon receiving the Graphic Design AAS, degree holders can pursue careers in entry-level positions as graphic designers, production artists, web designers, digital image processors, illustrators, and assistant art directors.

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