Welcome to Sussex County Community College

Every person who comes to Sussex County Community College comes with a common purpose. That purpose is to do something at the College that will positively affect his or her future. Although the goals, aspirations, hopes, and interests may vary, everyone focuses on a better future. At Sussex County Community College we are dedicated to serving students and the Sussex County community for a brighter tomorrow.

We believe that serving students and the Sussex County community is best accomplished by attention to the little things that make people feel welcomed, valued and comfortable. As a small college we are able to spend time with students in ways that cannot be done at larger institutions. We have award-winning programs, devoted and accomplished faculty, insightful and helpful staff, championship athletic teams, and we possess a passion to help other people reach the potential that resides within them. For us, there is no more satisfying work than helping other people be, and do, what they want in their future.

In practical terms, we accomplish this with the help of a supportive community. Sussex County is an extraordinary place to grow, live and work. New Jersey is the Garden State, and Sussex County remains true to New Jersey’s agricultural tradition with its intimate sense of community, shared community purpose, and its appreciation for the power of human relationships to change things for the better. Sussex County Community College serves the community in many ways as a center for arts, culture, and entertainment, as a resource for professional expertise, and as an economic development engine. In conjunction with our numerous community partners, SCCC activity is a tremendous economic multiplier in the region.

With the availability of the SCCC Foundation scholarships and expert staff in our Financial Aid Office, Sussex County Community College provides financial assistance to those who are looking to attend SCCC. The cost of attending SCCC is far less than the cost of other options, and this is made even easier with the help of non-loan-based financial aid opportunities like grants and scholarships.

We at SCCC are dedicated to helping people find and secure a future that is filled with purpose, satisfaction, and prosperity. There are many things that contribute to making these things happen for a person. We believe that it begins with a college education and college experience filled with human connections that demonstrate we care enough about you to join you in that journey forward.

Jon H. Connolly, Ph.D.
President, Sussex County Community College

President Dr. Jon Connolly


Jon Connolly, Ph.D.
Administration Building

Dr. Kathleen Okay


Kathleen Okay, Ed.D.
Senior Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs
Administration Building

Cory Homer


Cory Homer, Ph.D.
Vice President of Student Success and
Institutional Effectiveness
Administration Building

Nancy Gallo


Nancy Gallo, J.D.
Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs and
Dean of Professional Studies, Social Sciences and STEM
Academic & Athletics Building

James Gaddy


James Gaddy, M.S.
Chief Operating and Human Resources Officer
Student Center

John Kuntz


John Kuntz, M.A.
Dean of Student Affairs & Director of Athletics
Academic & Athletics Building

Jason Fruge


Jason Fruge, M.A.
Dean of Technical Occupations
University Center

Jason Fruge


Stan Kula, CFRE
Executive Director, Foundation
Performing Arts Center