Where to Give

It’s time to diversify and increase our revenue in order to support initiatives across our four key performance indicators.

Student Scholarships

Even though our students have access to the Community College Opportunity Grant, (which makes school free to those with an income below $65,000), 394 SCCC students needed to take out loans last year, totaling $1,895,001, or an average of $4,810 per recipient.

In 2018 SCCC gave $450,000 in scholarships to 484 recipients from institutional resources, or an average of $878 per recipient. This was made possible by charitable donations from the SCCC community through initiatives such as 100 Women Project and Funding Their Future.

We can help achieve one of our key goals of greater diversity on campus by closing that gap in financial need.  Through need and merit-based scholarships we can attract and retain students whose presence enriches their lives and ours.


“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to receive a scholarship for the 100 Women Project.  Being a single mother while struggling financially I am trying to ensure the best future of my children and myself by receiving a higher education.”

Tara Nestinger


“I knew Sussex would give me the foundation that I needed.  I worked hard to qualify for the NJ Stars to make SCCC an event better choice for me financially.  I’ve learned so much at Sussex so far and it has helped me better understand what career paths I truly felt fit my personality and skill sets.”

Brianna Inglima

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Faculty & Staff Support

Student success also depends on having dedicated and accomplished faculty and staff.  Faculty trained, not just in their field of study, but also academic advising and technology.  Specialized staff in the Writing Center and Disability Office.

We want to recruit and retain passionate educators who understand their role in a community college environment.  Strategic faculty and staff hires can also contribute to campus diversity.  This means we need to be a competitive employer in the academic marketplace.

We want to build on our progress in providing continuing education as both a benefit for our employees and as a means for the continual enhancement of our academic environment.

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Academic Support

"We must continually replenish the countless perishable materials that are fundamental to curriculum,” says Sherry Fitzgerald, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs & Dean of Arts and Humanities.  So, every year, she signs off on purchase orders for an unending variety of necessities for teaching and learning the arts and sciences, technology and professions.

  • Steel and gas for welding, pigs and lab coats for healthcare in Technical Occupations
  • Software/hardware for graphic design, lumber and fabric for theater sets and costumes in the Liberal and Fine Arts
  • Virtual law library subscriptions for Pre-law and Paralegal Studies
  • And in order to further grow our Technical Occupations program, we must invest in the infrastructure that supports this curriculum:
  • Upgrade advanced equipment
  • Provide innovative labs for Machine Tooling, Optics, and Culinary Institute

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Innovation Fund

In recent years, Dr. Connolly has found special funding for initiatives like the McGuire Center.  We must ensure that SCCC has the resources to sustain such innovation.

  • We have established the President’s Innovation Fund to support future efforts that give our students, graduates and community what they need.
  • Imagine new curriculum for green energy technology: the fastest growing employment sector.
  • What if all students participated in civics curricula? Might we help foster civil dialogue instead of division?

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