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The Elder Law Specialist Certificate encompasses all aspects of life planning for the elder population including illness, incapacity and death of the elderly. Elder Law Specialists may work independently on issues that do not require attorney
supervision. This work may include: life enhancement assistance, analysis of housing choices, organizational assistance, preparation of valuation materials for real and personal property appraisals and funeral planning.

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • The specific job tasks of an Elder Law Specialist depend on whether the Elder Law
  • Specialist is working under the supervision of an attorney. Depending on the law
    office, the following tasks might be performed under the direct supervision of an attorney.
  • These law firm tasks include:
    • Interview prospective clients
    • Help plan strategy for legal services
    • Visit elderly to review asset documents
    • Review elder’s current estate plan
    • Consult and correspond with elder’s creditors and debtors to obtain pertinent information
    • Prepare valuation of assets and schedule appraisals of real and personal property
    • Review bank statements, estate planning documents to determine status of estate
    • Assist attorney in determining whether a guardianship and/or conservatorship is necessary
    • Maintain case documents and progress chart and update clients on status
    • Draft wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, medical consents, deeds, other legal documents as needed
    • Assist attorney with medical, Medicare, Medicaid, Social
    • Security, insurance and banking issues
    • Assist attorney in all aspects of the litigation process
  • The following tasks may be done by an Elder Law Specialist without direct supervision of an attorney:
    • Assist elder client and his/her family with analysis of housing choices
    • Assist elder client and his/her family with life enhancement assistance
    • Assist elder client and his/her family with organizational assistance
    • Assist elder client and his/her family with preparation of valuation of assets and schedule appraisals of real and personal property
    • Assist elder client and his/her family with funeral planning

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Courses for this program

This is a recommended program course sequence for students who wish to complete their certificate in two years. Part-time students and students starting in the spring or summer semesters can meet with an Advisor to customize their own plan.

Code Course Name Credits
Fall - First Year
ENGL101 English Composition I 3
LEGA100 Introduction to the American Legal System 3
LEGA110 Estates and Trusts* 3
LEGA105 Legal Research and Writing I* 3
PSYC101 Introduction to Psychology 3
Total Semester Credits
Spring - First Year
COMS110 Computer Concepts and Applications 3
LEGA120 Family Law 3
LEGA230 Elder Law** 3
PSYC215 Psychology of Adult Development and Aging ** 3
Total Semester Credits
Summer - First Year
LEGA115 Real Estate Transactions 3
Total Semester Credits

*Course only offered in fall

**Course only offered in spring

Students may choose to first take some developmental courses that are designed to prepare students for the college level coursework in their academic plan. This may add to the students’ completion time.

The number of credits students take each semester will determine when the student will complete his/her program of study.