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This one-year certificate program is designed to prepare students for entry-level
positions in various careers requiring commercial art and/or communication design
production skills. The program’s courses include the rapidly advancing technology of computer graphics and hands-on training in typography, layout production and design fundamentals. The credits acquired in this program are applicable toward the A.A.S. in Graphic Design.

The objectives of this program are to:

  • Demonstrate entry-level professional Photoshop skills including selecting, editing, retouching and compositing images.
  • Exhibit a refined use of color appropriate for each client and project.
  • Research and select appropriate typefaces and design typography to support the
    branding or communication goal of a particular client or project.
  • Utilize a professional design process including research, concept development to
    create professional level Web page designs.
  • Create consistent, visually appealing Web page layouts utilizing Web Editors,
    hand-coding using HTML and CSS.
  • Utilize a computer as a production tool.

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Courses for this program

Follow this course outline to complete the necessary certificate requirements.

Course Outline