Criminal Justice - A.S. Degree

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Program Information

This program is designed primarily for students who plan to attend four-year baccalaureate programs, but approximately one-half of the graduates of this program have successfully found full-time employment in criminal justice-related field upon completion of the two-year degree. Graduates of two and four-year degree programs are employed in a variety of professional positions by federal, state, county, and municipal agencies as well as private security and loss prevention.

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Students will learn the major concepts, case law, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings and basic structures involved with law enforcement, the criminal court system, and corrections, including the causes of crime and delinquency.
  • Students will understand and be able to use basic research methods in criminal justice and criminology including design, data analysis, and interpretation.
  • Students will obtain realistic ideas and field experiences related to their pursuit of careers and advanced study in the field of criminal justice.
  • Students will demonstrate research and information competency with traditional computer-based library systems, governmental resources, and media outlets to facilitate the study of criminal justice and criminology.
  • Students will use and demonstrate critical thinking, skeptical inquiry, and the scientific approach to problem solving.
  • Students will learn to recognize, understand, and respect the complexity of sociocultural and international diversity to better prepare them for diverse people and ideas within criminal justice.
  • Students will demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills within a liberal arts foundation to better prepare them for any career in criminal justice.

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