Fashion Merchandising Option – A.F.A. Degree

Turn your passion for fashion into a career!

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Program Information

The purpose of The Associate of Fine Arts Degree/Fashion Design Option at Sussex County Community College seeks to assist students in becoming professionals in the field of art and design while focusing on fashion, marketing, merchandising, branding business skills and retail management. Commitment to a balanced learning process, prepares students for a four-year institution or entry level positions into the fashion industry. The primary objective is to provide an environment in which students can achieve a degree of professionalism as technically competent and creatively fluent.

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Expand visual, verbal and digital communication skills.
  • Exhibit fashion industry research processes and practices.
  • Apply concepts, skills and values to fashion markets and designer contributions.
  • Implement operational and strategic brand management skills.
  • Demonstrate creative skills related to the careers in fashion merchandising and retail marketing.