Health Science - A.A.S. Degree

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Program Information

The Associate in Health Science Degree program was designed to be the next step in health care educational opportunities. Students, who have completed a non-credit post-secondary health care training program, culminating in certification or licensure, are encouraged to enroll in this degree program. This program offers the general education component which, when completed and combined with credit awarded for their prior health care education, qualify the student to be awarded an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Health Science. 

Credit for certification/licensure will be granted after completion of the degree requirements (with grades of “C” or higher) resulting in 61/62 credits. The number of credits awarded for non-credit training will be determined by a review committee consisting of appropriate faculty and administrators at the College. Applicants are required to submit the following documentation for review: a copy of current license or certificate, transcripts and a diploma from the completed training program, and a current resume.

Program Goals

  • Provide educational opportunities for allied health and nursing personnel.
  • Engage in public health education within the framework of legal, ethical, and professional standards.
  • Adapt health education research findings into practice settings.
  • Provide leadership in the health profession.
  • Establish a personal commitment to professional growth.

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