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The Machine Tool A.A.S program gives the students an opportunity to gain a broader knowledge and to achieve a higher skill level in machining than is offered in the one-year certificate program. Students are required to develop advanced skills in planning, designing, producing CAD prints, and setting up and operating machine tools to produce precision parts to specifications. The students receive training in programming, setting-up and operating CNC turning and machining centers. There is also a general education component integrated into the program to satisfy demands for appropriate workforce skills. Upon completing the A.A.S. degree program, students have the necessary skills to become employed as an entry-level machinist or a CNC technician.

The objectives of this program are to:

  • Enter the industry as industrial machinery mechanics, machinery maintenance workers or millwrights. Career opportunities also exist in construction, manufacturing,  fabrication, sales, quality control, supervision, and machine-related self employment.
  • Employ safety skills in an industrial setting.
  • Communicate procedures and methods to other related disciplines.
  • Produce parts to meet blueprint requirements on manual and computer numerical controlled machines.
  • Perform programming and setup procedures on a computer numerical controlled lathe and mill.
  • Integrate knowledge to design parts using computer aided drafting software.
  • Apply skills to manufacture parts using computer aided machining software on computer numerical machines.
  • Demonstrate professionalism with attitude, conduct and ethical work practices.

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