Pre-Law - A.A. Degree

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Program Information

Program Goals for Sussex County Community College’s Pre-Law Liberal Arts Option: Prepare students seeking admission to law school for rigorous graduate level academic curriculum by developing those skills particularly important to the study and practice of law. Utilize an interdisciplinary approach emphasizing development of critical thinking, writing and analytical skills. Provide students a curriculum in legal theory that will provide a stimulating, thought-provoking educational experience while providing a foundation upon which to facilitate and promote student success in law school.

The objectives of this program are to:

  • Develop critical thinking, writing and analytical skills essential to the study and practice of law.
  • Know the fundamental concepts of the American Legal System which will facilitate success in the rigorous study of law.
  • Acquire an interdisciplinary education necessary for success in the rigorous study of law.
  • Gain insight into and familiarity with the practice of law.

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