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This program seeks to assist students in becoming professionals in the field of art and nurtures a sense of artistic freedom and creativity while developing a strong sense of artistic discipline. Students will be encouraged to be inventive but proficient within the framework of a traditional approach to drawing. To become tomorrow’s visionary means understanding the significance and uniqueness of one’s own time and space defined by the limitless possibilities of personal expression within the boundaries of a universal language. Commitment to a balanced learning process combining fine art fundamentals (drawing/painting/seeing) with life experience and aesthetic theory will prepare students for a four-year institution or a career in fine art. The primary objective is to provide an environment in which students can achieve a degree of professionalism as technically competent and creative individuals. A sequential course of study will be required.
Students in the Associate of Fine Arts Degree Program at Sussex County Community College are given the opportunity to present their work at the student art exhibit and in the Idiom & Image as well as other College publications.

The objectives of this program are to:

  • Display an understanding of abstract relationships and elements, and their expressive potential.
  • Exhibit an understanding of form and composition in drawing from the human figure.
  • Demonstrate an ability to make connections between theory and practice.
  • Demonstrate qualitative decision-making based on current art trends and art historical concepts.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking using artistic principles drawn from contemporary social, political, or personal issues.
  • Develop a portfolio of artwork.
  • Students are expected to provide their own materials and textbooks. Lab fees provide studio time and assistance for art students. See list of “Open Studio Hours” posted in each art studio during the first week of the semester.


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Courses for this program

This is a recommended program course sequence for students who wish to complete their associate degree in two years. Part-time students and students starting in the spring or summer semesters can meet with an Advisor to customize their plan.

Code Course Name Credits
Fall - First Year
COLL101 Foundations for Success 3
ENGL101 English Composition I 3
ARTA103 Art History I 3
ARTA101 Basic Design 3
GTEC000 Technology Gen Ed Requirement* 3
Total Semester Credits
Spring - First Year
ENGL102 English Composition II 3
ARTA104 Art History II 3
ARTA108 Basic Drawing 3
ARTA110 Introduction to Color 3
SOCA101 Introduction to Sociology 3
Total Semester Credits
Fall - Second Year
ARTA180 Painting I 3
ARTA150 Life Drawing I 3
ARTA115 Three Dimensional Design 3
ARTA002 Studio Arts Elective* 3
ARTA002 Studio Arts Elective* 3
Total Semester Credits
Spring - Second Year
ARTA107 History of Contemporary Art 3
ARTA201 Painting II 3
ARTA002 Studio Arts Elective* 3
ARTA002 Studio Arts Elective* 3
ARTA260 Portfolio Development 3
Total Semester Credits

*General Education & Elective courses: Choose from the list of approved courses in the College Catalog.

Students may choose to first take some developmental courses that are designed to prepare students for the college level coursework in their academic plan. This may add to the students’ completion time.

The number of credits students take each semester will determine when the student will complete his/her program of study.