Distance Learning

Distance learning at Sussex County Community College allows you to take accredited courses from any location, and at your convenience. Many students appreciate the flexible scheduling and convenience of not having to travel to campus on a regular basis. This is ideal for those with demanding work schedules, family responsibilities, and those who cannot travel to campus due to transportation, scheduling conflicts, or physical challenges.

Sussex uses the Canvas Learning Management System to offer courses. In addition, many face-to-face courses use Canvas as a way to supplement in-person instruction.

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Here is a brief Introduction to Canvas and Help with Canvas

Here are some helpful hints for distance learning:

  1. Set a consistent, fixed time to complete your online coursework: Assignments can be put off or forgotten a lot easier in a distance learning course, so being organized and self-disciplined is a necessity.
  1. Build relationships with your professor and classmates: Even though you may not be able to see your professor and classmates physically, it is important that you seek to build relationships with them to help with course materials.
  1. Juggle your Priorities: As a distance learning student, you will have to fit your coursework in around the other commitments. It’s important to record all your responsibilities in one place, so you can see where there may be clashes. Find the method that works for you. This could be an app on your phone or computer, a physical planner/diary, or a large wall planner.
  1. Stay Positive: There may be times throughout the course when you are frustrated or having difficulty. Please remember to stay positive and use the support network around you, whether that consists of family, friends, or the people here for you at Sussex.
  1. Never hesitate to ask for help: The faculty and staff here at Sussex are here to help you succeed. Whether you have questions about the content of the course or technical questions, someone will always be able to help you.

Classes offered entirely Online

Earning your associate degree, certificate, or certificate of achievement entirely online is available at Sussex. You can be confident that your courses are fully accredited, and you’ll be learning from faculty who plan your online course content for a valuable learning experience. Our online programs offer you the same course content just with a more relaxed delivery method and at your convenience. Taking online courses can easily fit into your schedule and lifestyle.

We are offering the following programs entirely online:

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Credits from Sussex are easily transferable to many 4-year colleges and universities. As one of the most affordable colleges in the area, apply today and get started on earning your degree.

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